About Information Technology

Information Technology supports and enhances the learning, teaching and service goals of Tallahassee Community College through effective, customer-focused technology resources.

Our goal of providing technical and operational excellence generates solutions that are innovative, reliable and secure as we keep pace with the college’s need for advancing technology. The responsibility of enterprise-wide, flexible and adaptive information technology services and support is met with a commitment to professionalism and continuous improvement. We strive to deliver efficient, strategic technology results for TCC, a set of best practices for IT Service Management, with services of demonstrated value.

Message from VP

VP for Information Technology

There will be a number of technology enhancements and changes taking place at TCC this summer and fall that will make services more accessible and reliable.  While you will be receiving further messages about many of them, I did want to give you the big picture overview:

Logging In

Later this month we will start to change the way that you log in to Office 365, Workday and Canvas.  Using software from IAM Cloud we will be implementing something called “single sign on” such that once you log into one of these systems you will be automatically logged into the others (without having to re-enter your username or password).  In addition, implementing this solution will allow us to greatly improve password resets and unlocks.

Password Resets and Unlocks

I am sure that many of you have had to face the need to call the Help Desk to unlock your account or to reset your password.  Our new single sign on solution from IAM Cloud will allow you to unlock your account or reset your password on your own, without needing to contact the Help Desk, at any time of the day or night.  The first time you use single sign on you will be asked to create some challenge/response questions.  Once you have done this, those same questions will allow you to unlock your account or reset your password on your own.

Replacing the Public Website
The aging public website will be replaced with a new, mobile friendly content management system hosted by TerminalFour. The public web site will also be re-designed and re-organized to make the information easier for our students and the community to find.  This project is a joint venture between IT and Communications and Marketing.  

Migrating the Faculty/Staff Portal to Office 365
The public web site isn’t the only thing being replaced.   The faculty and staff portal will also be replaced, re-designed and re-organized as we move it from our aging Sharepoint system to SharePoint Sites within Office 365. This will make it far easier to integrate things on the intranet with your calendar, Onedrive and email within Office 365.

Networked and Shared Drives On the Move

We will be moving all of the current personal and shared network drives to new homes in the cloud using Office 365 Sharepoint Sites and  OneDrive.  These include the Common drive (G:), Personal drive (H:), Shared drive (S:) and other Departmental shared drives.  This will make them easier to access using a simple interface whether you are on campus or traveling across the country.  The Instructor (T:) and Class (R:) network drives will be moving to Canvas. This will allow our students to access all their learning materials in one place, whether on or off campus.

We are making these changes for a number of reasons:  moving many of these services from on-campus to the cloud allows us to provide greater access to them from anywhere in the world while at the same time ensuring that we stay current with software versions and technologies.  The cloud providers also offer a level of reliability, security and scalability that is hard for any individual organization, such as TCC, to afford to do on their own.

-May 2016