Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity within the Tallahassee Community College involves creating an environment that demonstrates civility, equity and mutual respect of each person. We are each collectively responsible for providing an organizational climate where students and employees feel that they are welcome and an integral part of our community and each of our campuses. Our success depends upon us learning from each other and working together to achieve the vision and mission of this institution.

Tallahassee Community College is committed to fostering an educational philosophy that values the input and inclusion of all individuals and cultural groups within our institution and the communities we serve. Valuing different perspectives allows us to affirm as one entity the goals we have in common, and helps us fulfill our mission of preparing students, opening pathways, serving communities and creating opportunities.

Our Hope

TCC hopes by embracing inclusiveness, we will be able to face the personal, educational and communal barriers within society, and this will result in greater diversity, greater freedom and greater truth for each individual and our nation.

Our Commitment

TCC embraces diversity in our student body, workforce, curriculum and community. We know that diversity supports learning, excellence and preparation for global citizenry.

TCC is committed to achieving a community free from all forms of discrimination and harassment in its policies, practices and endeavors. Further, TCC is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community and to promoting greater awareness of and sensitivity to issues of diversity.

Toward that end, TCC asserts the dignity and worth of every human being and the value of diversity as a source of its strength, including diversity of race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, culture, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability and perspective among students, faculty, staff and administrators.

View the Diversity & Inclusion Calendar

Tallahassee Community College has scheduled numerous events and activities over the next several months that focus on promoting and recognizing Diversity and Inclusion in our campus culture and mission. A TCC Diversity & Inclusion Calendar of Events/Activities from May to July is available here: .

Many of the events and activities scheduled for the next several months are included in month-long celebrations during African American History Month in February and Women’s History Month in March.

The African American History Month celebration kicks off with the unveiling of the Cherry Hall Alexander African American History Calendar. You can learn more about the calendar, which the College has produced annually for more than 20 years, at:

Activities at TCC continue in March, when Women’s History Month is recognized. This annual celebration will include College recognition of 10 outstanding women and five current TCC students for their significant leadership and service to the community. You can learn more about the celebration at:


Student Organizations, Enrichment, and Support Programs

In addition to events and activities, the College also has a variety of student organizations, enrichment, and support programs that focus on Diversity and Inclusion. Those programs include:

Sister to Sister

Sister to Sister is a mentoring program for female students of color at TCC. Members benefit from mentoring, leadership development, social development, academic support, and career guidance. While minority students are the focus, all female students are welcome and invited to join the sisterhood.

Learn More At:


Black Male Achievers

Black Male Achievers offers members a wide variety of academic supports and student services along with personal enrichment activities to advance intellectual and personal growth. Members participate in an array of seminars and activities that reflect, celebrate, and motivate minority men.

Learn More At:


Black Student Union

BSU strives to create an environment that provides intellectual, educational and academic excellence while also serving our community, with the desire to increase the understanding and appreciation of the African American history and culture for the entire campus.

Learn More At:


Hispanic Alliance

The Hispanic Alliance for Talented Students is a newly-launched opportunity that promotes intercultural understanding and empowerment for Hispanic students. A new cohort of students is selected each academic year to matriculate through TCC together while being paired with a mentor.

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Global Education

Global Education encompasses the Global Gateway Program, which is designed to prepare students to live and work effectively in a global community by providing opportunities to promote an understanding of cultural diversity. Completion of the program will also provide students with an international perspective that will prepare them to be competitive in the global job market. 

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Pride Club

As a strong advocate for LGBT+ values, the Pride Club makes it its mission to educate the student body, faculty, and staff about issues regarding the discrimination or harassment of any person due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. The Pride Club hopes to create a greater awareness and understanding of LGBT+ issues at TCC through its proactive activism.

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LGBTQ+ Support Group

This counselor-led group offers a support system to students in the LGBTQ+ community. Students can join at any point in the semester.

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