TCC launches Be Essential Campaign during COVID-19 Crisis

June 1, 2020

Tallahassee Community College’s Division of Workforce Development launched the Be Essential campaign on June 1. The College is directing its focus to connecting those unemployed and impacted by the COVID-19 crisis with training in an “essential” area of the workforce that is in demand. TCC is partnering with area businesses who are hiring and in need of a skilled workforce to accomplish this.

Recognizing that just a year ago the region’s unemployment rate was 2.9% it is now 8.1% and climbing! As a result, the Be Essential initiative is a direct response to the thousands of local people who have lost their jobs due to being in positions defined as non-essential during the pandemic closure. Those areas include leisure and hospitality, accommodations, personal care service and retail. Overall, Floridians employed in these vulnerable industries have seen over 50% unemployment.

“We recognize that there are number of people whose lives have been interrupted and are at their wits end with trying to figure out what they should do next,” said Kimberly A. Moore, Vice President for Workforce Innovation and TCC2WORK. “To address this issue we have a created a program that will literally walk someone through the process of applying for financial aid and scholarships, securing employment, determining which training program to pursue while at the same time provide assistance with addressing other barriers that may have been created due to loss of employment.”

The Be Essential campaign is designed to provide that critical support needed to move someone out of a crisis to a place of empowerment. Interested job seekers and career changers should call 1-833-TCC-JOBS to get started or complete this short online survey

“With nearly 12,000 unemployed in the region, we know that it’s more important than ever before that we join forces with our community to create a bridge that will move individuals as quickly as possible back into employment,” said Moore. “It’s not enough to report the numbers, we have to take action and our action is the Be Essential initiative.”

All of the training offered will be in demand areas that include nursing, public service, truck driving, information technology and many other growing industries. The length of the trainings can range from as little as 8 weeks- to a matter of months. Area employers who are interested in taking part in this reemployment initiative should contact the TCC Be Essential program at 1-833-TCC-JOBS to learn more.

For more information on the Be Essential initiative and a full list of programs, call 1-833-TCC-JOBS.