TCC hosts Full STEAM Ahead 2.0 Virtual Summer Camp

June 16, 2020

Tallahassee Community College is launching a virtual design and coding summer camp powered by Black Rocket, a national leader in tech-education. The weekly camps are aimed to launch the creativity of kids ages 8-14. There are a host of fun, interactive camps that range from coding, game design, eSports, virtual reality, YouTube content creator and more.

“We’re so excited to launch one of the most sought-after virtual camps around,” said Kimberly A. Moore, VP for Workforce Innovation and TCC2WORK. “The fact that kids are already captivated with virtual reality and parents are interested in their kids being exposed to STEM makes it a win-win for all involved.”

Parents can choose a single camp or create a mix of multiple camp topics. To make it easy, the registration process is automated. However, assistance can be provided if needed. The camp registration is open now with weekly camps taking place until August 14.

In addition to the camps being offered virtually, camp participants can expect high level engagement in each session led by high energy camp instructors in LIVE classes! Students will also benefit from small group breakout sessions where questions can be asked and answered while feeding their curiosity for learning. The camps start at $149.

Included is a short list of the most researched camp programs. The full list can be accessed from the registration page.

App Attack!

Take the first steps into the world of mobile app design and customize your own game app! Using a specialized app & game development tool, students will explore the world of web-based (HTML5) mobile apps.

Battle Royale: Make Your First Fortnite® Style Video Game

Fans of Fortnite we need you! Instead of playing the game, design your own. Using a professional 3D game development software, build levels and assets inspired by popular battle royale games like Fortnite.

Minecraft Designers

If you love the game Minecraft and always wanted to design your own world, this class is for you! Learn how to create a custom map, the basics of creating 3D models using a new software to design your very own objects, how to build with Redstone and Command blocks, and create custom textures for you to import at home or share with friends.

YouTube Content Creators

Find your voice and leave your mark on the world! Whether you are six or sixty, it’s time to start a career as the next YouTube star. Explore the variety of content and personalities that exist on YouTube and how to find your own niche.

For more information and to register visit, or call (850) 201-3761.