Student Life Skills (SLS)

Why take a Student Life Skills course?

Enrolling in a Student Life Skills course can increase your chance of success in college and your career. You’ll gain valuable leadership experience, time management and study skills, and a better understanding about your strengths that will help you succeed in the workplace.

A  study by Columbia University researchers showed that students who took SLS courses had a better chance of earning a credential, persevering through their studies and transferring to a university.

Student Life Skills (SLS) Courses available at TCC

SLS 1301- Career Planning

Preparing to enter the workforce? This 1-credit, 8-week course is for you! This class focuses on the career planning process, cover letters, mock interviews and much more. This class counts as an elective.

SLS 1510- College Success

This 3-credit class is designed to help first-year students have a smooth transition to college. We focus on college resources, college policies and procedures, goal-setting, personal responsibility, health and wellness, meta-majors, career selections and much more. This is a General Education Requirement for the A.A. degree. (Grade of C or better is required.)

SLS 2261-Dynamics of Leadership Development

We live in a competitive world and leadership skills are a must for success. This 3-credit class is an opportunity to explore your leadership potential and discover what skills you can maximize for your success. This is a General Education Requirement for the A.A. degree. (Grade of C or better is required.)

Service Learning at TCC

What is Service-Learning at TCC?

At TCC, Service-Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in the context of enriched student learning, civic responsibility and measureable community impact.

As an aspect of all SLS 2261-Dynamics of Leadership Development classes, students are required on a project of their choosing, fitting within the Service-Learning criteria. Students are able to work with a number of established TCC community partners or any outside organization of their choice. At the end of the semester, the service hours devoted to the project are added to the student’s TCC transcript.

Service-Learning encourages a life-long community involvement and engages students in conscious, intentional, and critical thinking.  It also provides students with a variety of other opportunities:

  • Explore professional fields and enhance leadership skills
  • Network with professionals and perhaps connect students to future jobs.
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem
  • Practice skills group dynamics and group development


Student Life Skills (SLS) Faculty

SLS Faculty Contact Information

Christine Barrilleaux



Shakonda Diggs

Assistant Professor


Nancy Donovan

Associate Professor


Robin Haggins

Associate Professor


Leslie Harper

Associate Professor


Bryan Hooper

Program Coordinator

Associate Professor


Patrick McDermott

Associate Professor


Melissa Scalzi

Assistant Professor