Success Coach assisting students attending Boot Camp

Boot Camp

What is Boot Camp?

Each Fall and Spring semester, the Learning Commons hosts one-hour course introductions and assignment previews to common first-year classes. Think of Boot Camp as a sneak-peak into your courses before they begin. Boot Camps are a fantastic way to learn more about your classes before they begin.

Spring 2023

Check back in November 2022 for more information on Spring Boot Camp.

Recorded Sessions

ENC 1101 College Composition

MAC 1105 / MAC 1105C College Algebra

MAT 1033 Intermediate Algebra

CHM 1045 General Chemistry I / CHM 1032 General Chemistry for Allied Health

BSC 2085 Anatomy and Physiology I



What is Boot Camp?

Students should think of Boot Camp as an event where you learn everything you need to know for the first day or first week of class. You should expect a preview of your upcoming assignments and information about how the Learning Commons can help.

How do I access Boot Camp?

Spring 2023 Boot Camp information will be made available in mid-Fall 2022.

There are multiple times and dates listed. Do I need to attend them all?

Each Boot Camp session is 1 hour. You will be limited to attending 1 class Boot Camp session per hour. 

Is Boot Camp required?

No. Boot Camp is a voluntary event. It is not required. 

I am unable to make it. Do you have any recorded sessions?

We have a number of recorded Boot Camp Sessions available for viewing.