Full-Time Staff Bios

Sam DeZerga, Director    

Sam DeZerga (she/her)
(850) 201-7810

Sam has over a decade of higher education experience helping students succeed at every step in their education – from admission to college to walking across the stage at graduation. Sam is a two-time graduate of Florida State University, earning a B.S. in Psychology and Humanities and an M.S. in Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies. Outside of work, Sam is a nature photographer, collector of vintage Pyrex, and a movie buff.

Headshot of Dani Rowan Hawke     

Danny Hawke (he/him, they/them)
Program Coordinator
(850) 201-7804

Danny has a decade in higher education in tutoring, teaching, and assisting students to become successful independent learners. He has a B.A. in Mathematics from Cal State University of San Bernardino. His hobbies include playing D&D with his family, video games, and reading. He is also a published fantasy author.

 Headshot of Jorlyse Dickens    

Jorlyse Dickens
Academic Success Coach
(850) 201-7837

Jorlyse is a South Florida native. She has a Bachelor's in Family and Child Sciences from Florida State University. She has over five years of coaching and mentoring experience working with a diverse range of students. In her free time, Jorlyse loves going to the beach, dancing, and women empowerment.

Headshot of Vera Mayes     

Vera Mayes (she/her)
Math Specialist
Math Department Liaison
(850) 201-8122

Vera has an Associate of Arts, Bachelors of Science (Business Administration), and a Master of Arts (Mathematics). Vera has been in education for many years, both teaching and tutoring. She loves helping students achieve the “aha” moment and have some fun with math. Vera likes to paint, make jewelry, and travel. She has a husband, two dogs, two cats, and ten chickens.

Headshot of Jonathas Petit     

Jonathas Petit
Math Specialist
(850) 201-8239

Jonathas has an Associate of Arts leading to Mathematics Education, a Bachelor of Science in Business, and he is currently enrolled in a Mathematics Education Master’s program. He taught high school mathematics for more than a decade and has been tutoring college math for over five years. Jonathas’ passion is to help students succeed and achieve their goals. He also likes to travel and take long drives. All five of his children like mathematics.  

Headshot of John Salter     

John Salter
Math Specialist
(850) 201-7803

John has over a decade in education, including tutoring, teaching, coaching, and assisting students to become successful. He has an Associate of Arts, a Bachelor of Science (Secondary Mathematics Education), and a Master's in Business Administration. His passions include spending time with family and preparing young people for life after graduation.

Headshot of Chris McDonald     

Chris McDonald
Science Specialist
Sciences Department Liaison
(850) 201-7805

Chris is a Tally Native, a Salsa and Latin Dancer, and enjoys running and trail biking. He is also an Adjunct Faculty at TCC, with a B.S. in Neurobiological Science from the University of Florida, and a M.S. in Medical Science with a concentration in Anatomy from USF.

 Headshot of Jessie Clayton    

Jessie Clayton
Technology Specialist
College Success (SLS) Liaison

(850) 201-8267

Jessie has a B.S. degree from Auburn University in Information Systems. He has worked at Tallahassee Community College for over 17 years. Jessie holds orientations, tutors students, and works directly with IT Personnel in troubleshooting hardware and software computer issues. He ensures that technology is coordinated with the classrooms. Jessie is also a member of the Association of Florida Colleges (AFC).

Headshot of Shekitta Allen     

Shekitta Allen
Writing & Reading Specialist
Transitional Studies Division Liaison
(850) 201-7813

Shekitta received her B.A. in English from Valdosta State University and continued with her education and received an M.A. in English, with a focus on 18th-century Gothic Literature. She is a Communications Specialist in the Learning Commons, going on ten years. Shekitta also teaches classes at TCC and Flagler, TCC’s university partner. She enjoys anything Star Wars: Canon and/or Legends.

Headshot of Dr. Jerrie M. Del Vecchio     

Dr. Jerrie M. Del Vecchio
Writing & Humanities Specialist
Humanities Department Liaison
(850) 201-7847

Dr. Del Vecchio has been with TCC since 2013 as a Learning Specialist in Communication. Previously, she was employed with FSU as an assistant researcher and teaching assistant while pursuing her doctorate in Interdisciplinary Humanities. Her research interests include but are not limited to: Women's Studies, History, Geography, and International Affairs.

Headshot of Greg Shaberg     

Greg Schaberg (he/him)
Writing Specialist
English Department Liaison
(850) 201-8270

Greg has been assisting TCC students since 1998. He received his A.A. from Valencia College in Orlando, his B.A. in Spanish and Linguistics from FSU, and his Master’s in Multilingual/Multicultural Education from FSU. Before attending college, Greg worked as a costume character at Sea World, appearing as Baby Shamu and Pete Penguin – as well as several other adorable sea creatures.

Headshot of Jamie Smith     

Jamie Smith
Writing & Reading Specialist
(850) 201-7812

Jamie has been working at TCC for just over five years. Before working at TCC, she taught English in Oman for about 4 years and 1 year in Saudi Arabia. She also volunteers at the Leon County ESL Literacy Program. She served in the Women's Army Corps until it was disbanded in 1978, and she was integrated into the United States Army. She brags that she wore her Women’s Athena until she left the Army.

Steph Austin    

Steph Austin (they/them)
Writing Specialist
(850) 201-6651



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Mathew Danuff

Mat Danuff
Math & Technology

Benjamin Payne

Benjamin Payne

Technology, Math, & Science

Alice Kappa

Alice Cappa

Writing & Reading

Ann Ross

Ann Ross

Aria Dixon

Aria Dixon
(he/him they/them, she/her)
Writing & Reading

Britain Godwin

Britain Godwin
Math & Economics

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Grace Toole Duncan
Writing & Reading

 Yann Nassa

Yann Nassa

Math & Science

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Roseana Simpson

Anatomy & Physiology & Spanish

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Claire Hart

Math, Science, & Spanish

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Pam Rodriguez
Anatomy & Physiology

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Eddy Brito

Math, Science, Tech, Accounting

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Kamron Scruggs

Anatomy & Physiology

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Kyle Devlin

Math, Science, Tech, Economics


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Natalia Ramirez

Success Coach
219 Library
(850) 201-7843

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Nicole Wicker

Success Coach
217A Library
(850) 201-7846

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Kaitlin Baiardi

Success Coach
218B Library
(850) 201-7816

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Delana Sowell

Success Coach
218A Library
(850) 201-7844

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Essence Wright

Success Coach
218 Library
 (850) 201-7849

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Leyla Neymatova

Success Coach
219 Library
(850) 201-7818

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Witney Talabert

Success Coach
217B Library
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Kristina Vega

Success Coach
218A Library
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Jacob Onken

Success Coach
(850) 201-7836

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Adilene Sandoval

Success Coach
 217A Library
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Olivia Hackney

Success Coach
218 Library
(850) 201-7802

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Aaliyah Daflaar

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