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About TCC Online for Faculty


Our Mission. Our Vision.

TCC Online is the campus’ leader in training, professional development, and support for faculty who teach online. Faculty training crosses all areas of TCC Online. 


TCC Online offers an alternative to on-campus education by providing both hybrid and online opportunities that allow students to pursue a program of study. TCC offers high quality courses and provides comprehensive student support services that foster students’ intellectual, career, academic and personal development.


Our guiding principles are student engagement, student development, and student success.

Services and Training

We provide workshops, webinars, and coaching via phone, email, and in person.


Various training related topics for online faculty include:

  • Online Pedagogy – focuses on training faculty how to teach online covering the pedagogical, social, technical, and managerial roles.
  • Course Design and Development – focuses on training and assisting faculty with the design and development of quality online and hybrid courses.
  • Quality Assurance – focuses on faculty designing and implementing quality online and hybrid courses. Our processes are grounded in Quality Matters™ standards. In addition, focuses on designers and technologists developing and implementing quality online and hybrid workshops.
  • Media and Accessibility – focuses on faculty complying with accessibility laws (Section 504 and 508) in designing web-based courses. This area includes captioning media (audio and video) and online course content (PDFs, images, and more).
  • Copyright for Online Instruction – focuses on faculty complying with copyright guidelines such as Fair Use and the TEACH Act for web-based courses.
  • Online Student Services – focuses on faculty awareness and use of the online learning services available to students.
  • Emerging Online Technologies – focuses on the identification and application of the pedagogical use of online technologies, Web 2.0 tools, and instructional software in web-based courses.
  • Canvas LMS Training and Questions – focuses on the pedagogical applications of the Canvas LMS and apps available to faculty for instruction.


Meet the Team


Andreina (Nina) Castillo, Academic Advisor
(850) 201-8618
Advising and helping students reach their educational and career goals.
Send students my way for individual appointments.

Dr. Patricia Heeter, Instructional Designer
(850) 201-9648
Ask me about our Accessible Online Content Guide!
Want to find out about quality online course design?
I would be glad to answer your hybrid course questions.

Dr. Kim Manning, Instructional Technologist
(850) 201-8397
Ask me about creative ways to teach online!
Want to know more about secure online testing?
Need to learn about monitoring student performance online?
I love to discuss how to integrate innovative technologies more effectively in online courses!

Vivian Pope, M.Ed., Instructional Designer

(850) 201-9649
Adapting instructional materials from traditional to online or hybrid courses.
Design discussion activities to promote critical thinking.