About Global Education

A view of the entrance to the Great Wall of China during China Study Abroad trip

Travel and Study Abroad 

TCC’s Travel and Study Abroad programs offer several opportunities with a varying range of travel period lengths. Students can earn course credit in the following areas:

  • Earth Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Political Science
  • History
  • International Studies
  • Foreign Language

Apply or contact us for more information at (850) 201-8058 or email globallearning@tcc.fl.edu.

Global Gateway Program graphic with logo

Global Gateway Program 

The Global Gateway program consists of courses and activities students must complete in order to graduate with Global Gateway recognition. Requirements are:

  • Complete five courses that cover international curriculum
  • Attend at least five events that are international in nature

In addition, students who wish to graduate from TCC with Global Recognition (recognition at TCC's graduation ceremony and an official transcript notation certifying "Global Gateway Program Graduate") must complete the following:

  • 15 credit hours in courses designated as Global Gateway (see below)
    • Six credit hours from the Arts & Sciences category
    • Six credit hours from the History & Social Sciences category
    • Three credit hours from the Electives category
  • Global Capstone course - IDS2311 Global Perspectives: An Interdisciplinary Course in Globalism

Apply or contact us for more information at (850) 201-8058 or e-mail globallearning@tcc.fl.edu.

Arts & Sciences

  • ARH2500 Non-Western Art History (3)
  • LIT2100 Masterpieces of World Literature (3)
  • MUH2120 World Music Cultures (3)
  • REL2300 World Religions (3)
  • HUM2210 Humanities I (3)
  • HUM2230 Humanities II (3)
  • HUM2740 Humanities Abroad I (3)
  • HUM2741 Humanities Abroad II (3)
  • PHY1020 Energy and its Environmental Effects (3)
  • BSC1050 Environmental Systems (3)

History & Social Sciences

  • WOH2012 History of Civilization I (3)
  • WOH2022 History of Civilization II (3)
  • INR2002 International Relations (3)
  • CPO2001 Introduction to Comparative Politics (3)
  • ANT2410 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3)
  • ANT2211 Peoples of the World (3)
  • GEO1400 Introduction to Human Geography (3)
  • GEA2000 World Regional Geography (3)


  • ​SPW2010 Introduction to Spanish Literature and Culture (3)
  • LIT2323 Multicultural Mythology (3)
  • MUN2830 African Drum and Dance Ensemble (3)
  • GEB2955 International Business Practices (3)
  • ECO2710 Introduction to International Economics (3)
  • SYG2012 Global Issues (3)
  • ASH2041 China: Its History and Culture (3)
  • ASH1044 Introduction to Middle Eastern History and Civilization (3)
  • IDS1195 Introduction to Chinese Culture (3)