Graduate With Honors

A new graduate shakes hands with President MurdaughGraduate with Honors and receive recognition at TCC’s Graduation Ceremony. You'll also have an official transcript notation certifying “Honors Program Graduate.”

How to Graduate from TCC with Honors

Successful completion of a minimum of 18 honors units as follows:

  • Honors Coursework: at least 15 credit hours
  • Honors Seminar: 3 credit hours
  • Overall minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in all honors coursework
Questions? Contact the program director Vijay Subramanian at or call (850) 201-9794. 

Notable Alumni 

Honors alum Reamonn Soto shakes hands with Vice President Joe Biden
The faculty and staff here were incredible. They went the extra mile. I struggled on the reading portion of the FCAT here in Florida, but my professor took out that summer and taught me the fundamentals of writing and inspired me to become a good writer. I ended up winning statewide writing contests while being in the Honors Program here at TCC." -Reamonn Soto
Featured Honors Program alum Lydia Garthwait 
​​"Why should students join the Honors Program? Small classes. The community feel. We have a lounge where you can get to know other students in between classes... I think joining the Honors Program gave me a safe community at TCC that really let me have a family there, and allowed me to be more comfortable with the rest of the campus." -Lydia Garthwait, Honors Class of 2014
Featured Honors Program alum Adam LaRose
“TCC did so much for me not only in an academic sense, but in social, professional and psychological ways. The College gave me the ability to be confident, instilled in me the value of competition, and taught me not to be afraid to set goals and aspirations as high and far as one can imagine.” -Adam LaRose, Honors Class of 2010

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