Honors Courses

Honors courses offer an academic experience like no other. With advanced curriculum, smaller class sizes and specialized faculty, these classes feature more interaction between students and teacher, and greater intellectual challenge.​

Honors Course Offerings

After successful completion of 18 hours of Honors coursework, including the required Honors Seminar, students are eligible to received the Honors designation on their degree and transcript. 


Fall Only
College Composition

Spring Only
ENC1102 Argument and Persuasion


Fall and Spring
HUM2020 Introduction to the Humanities
*HUM2210 Humanities of the World: Prehistory through Sixteenth Century
*HUM2230 Humanities of the World: Sixteenth Century through Contemporary
*PHI2010 Philosophy


Fall and Spring
*MAC1105 College Algebra
*MAC1114 Precalculus Trigonometry
*MAC1140 Precalculus Algebra
*MAC2311 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I
*MAC2312 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II
*STA2023 Statistics

Natural Sciences

Fall and Spring
*BSC1005 Introduction to Biological Sciences
*BSC2010 Biology for Science Majors I
*CHM1046 General Chemistry II

Fall Only
ESC1000 Earth and Its Environment
OCE1001 Introductory Oceanography

Spring Only
General Chemistry I
CHM1045L General Chemistry Laboratory I
*ESC1000 Earth and Its Environment

Social Sciences

Fall and Spring
Dynamics of Student Leadership

Fall Only
History of the United States I

Spring Only
AMH2020 History of the United States II
POS1041 National Government

Additional Requirements


Fall and Spring
Honors Seminar


Spring Only
Design I
*ART1300C Drawing I
*PGY1800 Digital Photography

 *Honors Module: This option allows honors students to conveniently take regular TCC courses and still earn honors credit.​ Students sign up for both the regular class and accompanying honors module taught by an honors faculty member. Honors modules meet regularly and have assigned honors coursework.  

Questions? Contact the program director Vijay Subramanian at honors@tcc.fl.edu.