TCC Dance Company

the words tcc dance company in tcc gold and blueWelcome to Tallahassee's hidden gem, the Tallahassee Community College Dance Company. Here dancers of all ages, talents, dance styles, and dance levels come together for the purpose of furthering their dance goals.

TCCDC is a pre-professional performing company, performing both locally and regionally. We perform as many as six to ten shows a month. We specialize in ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, folkloric, liturgical, and hip-hop.

TCC Dance Company from Firestorm Productions Inc on Vimeo.


Join us every Monday and Wednesday from 6:30 p.m. until 10 p.m. We meet in the aerobics room of the Lifetime Sports Complex. All are welcome. Rehearsals begin with classical ballet bar warm-ups, modern conditioning and stretching. Then, we work on choreography.

Join the TCC Dance Company

Join the company for an opportunity to work with choreographers, teachers, and guest artists on a variety of techniques and performances. You do not have to have dance experience to join. We will teach you how to dance!

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Aurora Torres-Hansen

Director, TCC Dance Company