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TCC offers 90 career programs with training in the Top 10 Careers in Demand.

Post an Internship

TCC's interns work in a temporary position with an emphasis on education and experience. Interns range in age from young adults to those later in life who may be seeking new career skills. Internships can pave the way to employment opportunities, including part-time and full-time paid positions.

Employer Benefits to Hosting an Intern

Supervising an intern requires employee time and talent. Benefits to hosting an intern include:

  • Access to students who are enthusiastic about learning
  • Chance to mold employees by helping them gain management experience
  • Company name recognition on TCC’s campus
  • Facilitated links between your business and TCC for potential research, teaching and recruitment opportunities
  • Increased number of students who stay in the community post-graduation
  • Opportunity to assess the capacities of a potential employee

To host an intern, please register and upload your internship in TCC FutureLink.
Questions? Please contact the Career Center at (850) 201-9970 or
It is very important that employers review the DOL unpaid interns when requesting unpaid interns. We recommend that you provide at least minimum wage pay for all interns.


Find Talented Employees for Your Company

Register & Post a Job in TCC FutureLink
Looking to hire talented employees? Post your job opportunities to FutureLink for TCC students and alumni to see. 

Attend TCC’s Job Fair
The Career Center holds annual job fairs in April and November. To attend, register online with FutureLink or call (850) 201-6172.

Host a Hiring Session
Have an immediate need? Employers can host a formal hiring session on campus. These events serve as a mini job fair and give employers an opportunity to meet one-on-one with potential TCC candidates.

For more information about on-campus recruitment, please contact Christy Mantzanas at (850) 201-6172 or

To learn more about TCC Career Services, download the TCC Career Center Employer Guide