Black Student Union (BSU) strives to create an environment that provides intellectual, educational and academic excellence while also serving our community, with the desire to crease the understanding and appreciation of the African American history and culture for the entire campus.

BSU Principles

  • Unity: we strive to establish and maintain unity amongst Tallahassee Community College. 
  • Leadership: we strive to develop active leaders through professional development. 
  • Student engagement: we strive to enhance student engagement through social and educational programming. 
  • Cultural consciousness: we strive to foster African American cultural awareness. 
  • Community camaraderie: we strive to initiate and maintain successful community relationships. 

*Membership and participation in approved TCC student clubs, organizations, and academic teams is open to all currently enrolled students who have paid the Student Activity and Service Fee for the current semester in which the student is a member or requests to become a member of the student organization.


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