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We understand you lead a busy life. For this reason, TCC provides a number of online courses to accommodate your schedule. You’re just a few clicks away from a flexible and convenient way to advance your career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The College apologizes if you have issues related to either your on-line or face-to-face course. The “Where Do I Get Help???” guide was created to help you solve a problem such as course registration or course access sooner.

Where Do I Get Help

For more information, please contact Online Training at or call (850) 201-6240.

How do I: 

  • Register- Once you have received your student email and student ID, you will need to register. To register, click Register for course in Workday 

  • Pay for the course- After registering for the course you must wait 24 hours for your account to update before you can pay your fee. After 24 hours the course fee can be paid online through Workday  

  • Access the course- After you have registered and paid the course fee, you may access the course through Canvas  

I’m having a problem: 


My course delivery method is (not all courses are offered in all delivery methods): 

  • Self-paced- 100% online with no course instructor. You must complete the course within an allotted period of time (usually 6-24 weeks). However, within that period of time, you may work on the course at your own pace, any time of the day or night. 

  • Instructor-Led- 100% online with video of instructor lectures. There will be online discussions and you may interact with your instructor via email. Lessons and lectures are released every week and must be completed before the next weeks assignments. You must complete the course within an allotted period of time (usually 6-24 weeks).

  • Livestream- 100% online course with live instructor lectures. Classes meet at a specific time weekly to review course material w/ live instructor and all coursework must be completed according to the syllabus. You must complete the course within an allotted period of time (usually 6-24 weeks).

  • Traditional- In-person course with specific meet times in a classroom environment and instructor leading curriculum. 


I have Financial Aid and I am registered for a TCC course: 

  • Can I use PELL- Contact TCC Financial Aid (850) 201-8399 

  • Can I use GI Bill- Contact TCC Financial Aid (850) 201-8399 

  • Can I use State Employee Tuition Waiver- Contact TCC Financial Aid (850) 201-8399  


I have Financial Aid and I am registered for a TCC Online Learning Partner course (Ed2go, Gold Coast Schools, Online Training Inc., CFP/ZAHN) 

  • Can I use PELL- No, but our campus partners offer multiple payment options. You may reach out to them to discuss a plan that would fit your needs. 

  • Can I use GI Bill- Contact campus partner to determine if the program is eligible. 

  • Can I use State Employee Tuition Waiver- Unfortunately these course are not able to be paid with the tuition waiver.


I have completed my TCC Continuing Education Course: 

  • When will I receive my certificate- Within 10 business days 

  • When will my transcript update to reflect my grade- Within 5 business days 

  • How do I request my transcript- You may click here for the transcript request