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Changes in Student Affairs


It is said that change brings opportunity; I can definitely say we here at TCC are experiencing many changes, and as a result, opportunities abound. 

 By now, everyone is probably aware of the recent developments related to the former Department of Campus Life, the first of which is a renaming to the Department of Campus and Civic Engagement. In an effort to realign the priorities of this area of the College, many hard decisions had to be made, but I believe we are now on a path that will reinvigorate our student life and provide new and meaningful opportunities for our students both in and out of the classroom. 

 As the name suggests, the department will have a new focus on community engagement. All their efforts, activities and resources will now emphasize socially and intellectually rewarding experiences. Our goal is for students to see Campus and Civic Engagement as the place where they can find fun ways to improve their résumés while also enriching their lives. 

"...greater engagement with our campus community, greater respect for our students, and greater transparency in our actions. These values preserve and protect TCC’s creed and core mission to provide a learning environment that prepares students for success."

Judicial Affairs has been separated from Campus and Civic Engagement and also renamed the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. Under this office’s supervision, students will now have a much more proactive approach to how rules and regulations of the College will be shaped providing for more transparency and more oversight in the judicial process. Also, Campus and Civic Engagement will become more proactive in communicating and educating the entire campus community, students, faculty and staff alike, on the resources they make available. 

Lindsey Smitherman-Brown, volunteer and service learning coordinator and interim director of the new department, has had her hands full implementing the full rebranding. Our Student Activity Coordinator, Michael Coleman, just started at the College last week and has hit the ground running. He will become a pivotal player in making sure our students, who come from all walks of life, will be encouraged to participate on campus and feel a connection with our College. We’ve also begun the hiring process for many positions that will be instrumental in making this department a success. 

 These sweeping changes are direct result of a multi-faceted proposal brought to me by Vice President Sally Search back in mid-February. Her vision was to restructure Student Affairs, not just the modification of Campus and Civic Engagement, but also making the Office of the Registrar independent from Enrollment Services and renaming Enrollment Services as Admissions and Enrollment Services. Admissions and Enrollment Services will now be responsible for front-end items like outreach, recruiting, organizing orientation and testing. All of this adjusting will create many new job opportunities for counseling specialists, academic advisors, clerks and more. Student Success is renamed and Student Success and Retention and counseling staff will collaborate with faculty in developing and implementing strategies to promote the success of our students. 

 I believe this overarching plan represents the future of the College. I have tasked all those responsible in these offices and departments to become torchbearers for the spirit of these changes – greater engagement with our campus community, greater respect for our students, and greater transparency in our actions. These values preserve and protect TCC’s creed and core mission to provide a learning environment that prepares students for success. The future certainly looks bright. 


A college is more than a collection of buildings or an online presence. A college is a community—a group of people with the same goal: to learn and to prepare for the future. And a great college is more than just a destination—it is a partner in the success of each student.

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