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Strategic Students


StrategicPlanStudents.jpgI’m happy to say that TCC has recently finished updating our new Strategic Plan. This plan, which will have a five-year lifespan, envisions the future of our institution and incorporates all the feedback we’ve received over the past few months. It prioritizes the Colleges immediate needs and sets both short and long term achievement goals in areas such as student access, technology, enrollment, stewardship and more. The new plan can be viewed in its entirety here. 

Now the real work begins.   

I recently hosted a forum for students to weigh in on how the Strategic Plan will be implemented in areas that affect them. Those who participated may not have realized it at the time, but they were making College history as students have never before been involved in the Strategic Planning process. However, I see this as a logical collaboration – who better than students to tell us how to cultivate meaningful communication, increase engagement, and foster a richer campus environment with our students?   

I asked the participants to give me specific strategies on how the College could promote a safe and healthy environment and promote engagement and service learning. Here are the highlights of the ideas we discussed.   

Promote a safe and healthy environment: 

  • Revisit student code of conduct (examples: smoking on campus; dress code) 
  • Offer childcare options for TCC students 
  • Partner with FSU, FAMU and/or municipalities to offer access to community amenities, recreation facilities and healthcare (example: Leach Center,  Thagard) 
  • Improve forms of communication that meet students where they are (examples: increased texting; display college policies and student handbook in different ways) 
  • Offer healthier and inexpensive dining options on campus    

Promote Engagement and Service Learning:  

  • Improve forms of communication on campus (example: app) 
  • Increase focus on connecting students with employers (example: host more career/internship fairs) 
  • Develop volunteering requirement for classes (example: SLS) 
  • Reward and incentivize high performance of students 
  • Extend library hours during peak times (example: open until 2:00 am during finals week) 
  • Promote student aid opportunities (examples: scholarships for TCC and next phase of education; work study opportunities on campus) 
  • Increase number of activities available for students (example: more diverse programming with Eagle Adventures; more opportunities that engage a wider number of students)    

These were all great suggestions that I believe all our students could agree with. So I also asked the participants to also think about how the student body could be enabled to apply the strategies they came up with. For example, should the SGA be more involved in the direction of student policy? Should the clubs and organizations take a more proactive role in campus activities? When and where should we be engaging with students?   

These questions and more are now this committee’s responsibility. Over the next academic year and beyond, students will be asked to take a more active role in not only the decisions this College makes, but also in the execution of our strategies. It is an exciting opportunity for both them and our faculty and staff. I truly believe that working together we can make TCC a better place.


A college is more than a collection of buildings or an online presence. A college is a community—a group of people with the same goal: to learn and to prepare for the future. And a great college is more than just a destination—it is a partner in the success of each student.

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