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Joshua WilloughbyNo presence informationJoshua Willoughby8/13/2014 12:16 PM8/13/2014 12:16 PM
Joshua WilloughbyNo presence informationJoshua Willoughby8/13/2014 12:17 PM8/13/2014 12:17 PM
Would like to reqeust a copy of GED certificate for my son Michael S. Patterson. He has the letter saying he passed but thinks he may need the certificate for city employment.  Need copy of certificate quickly and will pay fee if necessary.  I left a message with the TCC GED administration office but not sure if they can help me.  They haven't called me back yet.
8229 Queen Anna DriveTallahasseeFlorida32317christa.patterson@myfloridalicense.com850.717.1501
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Modify my original public records request from yesterday due to expenses.I am asking that you please provide me names of any TCC staff or TCC faculty or TCC students (even work study or OPS) tha filed any complaints against Renee Green, TCC Registrar, and Dr. Shanna Autry, and Dr. Sally Search since they have been employed at TCC.  I do NOT need copies of their complaints or the TCC findings at this time.  Thank you, Lisa Velez-Davis
4400 Blue Bill PassTallahasseeFL32303lisamvelezdavis@gmail.com850-562-8103
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748 harsfield rd c  tallahaasseeflorida32303s.terry58@yaho.om850-2240521
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