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   •  ACG2001 Principles of Accounting I
   •  ACG2011 Principles of Accounting II
   •  ACG2021 Financial Accounting
   •  ACG2071 Managerial Accounting
   •  ACG2450 Computer Accounting
   •  ACG2500 Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting
   •  TAX2000 Income Tax Accounting

Advanced Manufacturing

   •  CET1114C Digital Fundamentals
   •  EET1015C DC Circuits
   •  EET1025C AC Circuits
   •  EET1084C Introduction to Electronics
   •  EET1551 Distributed Electric Power Generation and Storage
   •  EET2140C Solid State Electronics
   •  ETI1110 Quality Assurance
   •  ETI1420C Manufacturing Processes and Materials
   •  ETI1622 Concepts of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma
   •  ETI1628 Development of Self-Directed Work Teams
   •  ETI1701 Industrial Safety
   •  ETI2460C Composite Fundamentals
   •  ETI2464C Advanced Composites
   •  ETI2623 The Lean Enterprise for the Expert
   •  ETI2670 Technical Economic Analysis
   •  ETM1010C Mechanical Measurement and Instrumentation
   •  ETM2315C Hydraulics and Pneumatics
   •  ETP1420 Solar Thermal Technology
   •  ETP1501 Alternative/Renewable Energy Technologies
   •  ETP2410C Photovoltaic Technology
   •  ETS1511C Motors and Controls
   •  MAN2582 Introduction to Project Management
   •  PMT0011 Welder, Helper
   •  PMT0012 Welder, Shielded Metal Arc
   •  PMT0013 Welder, Gas-Metal Arc
   •  PMT0014 Welder, Flux Cored Arc
   •  PMT0015 Welder, Gas-Tungsten Arc
   •  PMT0016 Welder, Pipe
   •  PMT1250C Introduction to Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
   •  PMT2254C Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Programming II


   •  ANT2140 Introduction to Archaeology
   •  ANT2211 Peoples of the World
   •  ANT2410 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
   •  ANT2511 Introduction to Physical Anthropology


   •  ART1930 Special Topics in Art
   •  ART1942 Arts Internship


   •  CAP2703 Computer Animation
   •  GRA2100 Cg Characters Production

Art History

   •  ARH2050 Introduction to Art History and Art Criticism I
   •  ARH2051 Introduction to Art History and Art Criticism II
   •  ARH2500 Non-Western Art History


   •  ART1150C Introduction to Jewelry Making
   •  ART1151C Introduction to Jewelry Making II
   •  ART1202C Design I
   •  ART1205C Color: Theory and Practice
   •  ART1300C Drawing I
   •  ART1330C Figure Drawing
   •  ART1340C Beginning Illustration
   •  ART1430C Screen Printing
   •  ART1540C Watercolor Fundamentals
   •  ART2203C Introduction to Design II
   •  ART2301C Drawing II
   •  ART2400C Introduction to Printmaking
   •  ART2500C Painting I
   •  ART2501C Painting II
   •  ART2955 Portfolio

Biological Sciences

   •  BOT1000 Plant Science
   •  BSC1005 Introduction to Biological Sciences
   •  BSC1005L Introduction to Biological Sciences Lab
   •  BSC1020 Introduction to Human Biological Sciences
   •  BSC1050 Environmental Systems
   •  BSC1084C Human Biology: Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology
   •  BSC2010 Biology for Science Majors I
   •  BSC2010L Biology for Science Majors Laboratory I
   •  BSC2011 Biology for Science Majors II
   •  BSC2011L Biology Lab for Science Majors II
   •  BSC2085 Anatomy and Physiology I
   •  BSC2085L Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory
   •  BSC2086 Anatomy and Physiology II
   •  BSC2086L Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory
   •  BSC2250C Field Biology of Florida with Lab
   •  EVR1080C Chemistry and Biology of Natural Waters
   •  MCB2004 General Microbiology
   •  MCB2004L Microbiology Laboratory


   •  ECO2220 Money and Banking
   •  FIN1100 Personal Finance
   •  FIN2010 Investments
   •  GEB1011 Introduction to Business
   •  GEB2955 International Business Practices
   •  MAN2021 Introduction to Management
   •  MAR1350 Marketing the Individual
   •  MAR2011 Principles of Marketing
   •  MNA1161 Introduction to Customer Service
   •  MNA2130 Business Communication
   •  MNA2300 Human Resource Management
   •  REE1040 Real Estate Principles and Practices: Course I
   •  RMI1001 Introduction to Risk and Insurance
   •  SBM2000 Small Business Management


   •  CHM1020 Chemistry for General Education
   •  CHM1030 General Chemistry for Allied Health
   •  CHM1030L General Chemistry for Allied Health Laboratory
   •  CHM1045 General Chemistry I
   •  CHM1045L General Chemistry Laboratory I

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