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TCC : Current Students : Academics : Academic Calendar : 2014-15 Final Exam Schedules-Information for All Terms
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2014-2015 Final Examination Schedules
(General Information)

Students and instructors are mutually responsible for verifying the time scheduled for an examination. Instructors are expected to announce in class, during the regular class periods, the specific date, time and place for the final examination.

Final examinations may be rescheduled only for extreme emergencies. All such emergencies must be approved by the appropriate division dean or director. The following are not to be considered extreme emergencies: airline reservations, ride-sharing, vacation plans, weddings, lack of preparedness, calendar conflicts with other institutions, work schedules, transportation or housing problems.

ENC1101 final examinations are scheduled one week before regularly scheduled final examinations, and an announcement of the date of the final examination will be made in each of these classes.

Special arrangements will be made by the instructor in the following courses: Self-Paced instruction (SPI), Emergency Medical Technology, Respiratory Therapy, Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, Web-based and off-campus courses.

Final examinations are not given in the following courses: 

​ART1150C ​CGS1820 ​EMS2667L ​OST1719 ​RTE1503L
​ART1202C ​CGS2100 ​ENC1905 OST1755 ​RTE1513L
​ART1205C ​CGS2103 ​​ENC2942 ​​OST1820 ​RTE1804
​ART1300C ​COP2840 GRA1103C OST2823 ​RTE1814
​ART1302C ​DEA0200L ​​GRA1105C ​OST2828 ​RTE1824
​ART1340C DEA0800L GRA1131C ​​OST2835 ​RTE2523L
​ART1330C ​​DEA0850L ​GRA2121 ​OST2852 ​RTE2834
​ART1430C ​DEH1002L ​GRA2140 ​PGY1800C ​RTE2844
​ART1540C ​DEH1800L ​​GRA2143 ​PGY2401C ​RTE2854
​ART2301C ​DEH1802L GRA2203 ​PGY2404C ​RTE2920L
​ART2400C ​DEH2602L JOU2420L ​PGY2801C ​SON1804
ART2500C ​DEH2701L ​JOU2440L ​PLA1104 ​SON1814
​ART2501C ​DEH2804L ​​JOU2940L ​PLA2941 ​SON1824
​​ART2955C ​DEH2900 ​​JOU2942 ​RET1874
​CAP2703 ​DES1200L MUN1180 ​RET1875
​CCJ2930 ​EME2040 MUN1340 ​RET2876
​CGS1060 ​EMS2659L ​​OST1141 ​RET2877
​CGS1520 ​EMS2666L ​OST1718 ​RET2879



Final examinations or performance evaluations are conducted during the last regularly scheduled class sessions in the following courses:

​BSC1005L ​CHM2210L ​DAN1500 ​PEL1121 ​PHY1053L
​BSC2010L ​CHM2211L ​ENC0025 ​PEL1122 ​PSHY1054L
​BSC2011L ​COP2830 ​GLY2010L ​PEL1320 ​PHY2048L
​BSC2085L ​DAA1100 ​LEI1000 ​PEL1341 ​PHY2049L
​BSC2086L ​DAA1101 ​MCB2004L ​PEL1342 ​REA1505
​CGS1520 ​DAA1200 ​MUN1310 ​PEL1621 ​RET1026L
​CGS2825 ​DAA1201 ​MUN1710 ​PEM1101 ​SLS1301
​CHM1030L ​DAA1300 ​MVS1116 ​PEM1116 ​TPP2120
​CHM1045L ​DAA1304 ​MVS1126 ​PEM1431 ​TPP2250
​CHM1046L ​DAA1610 ​MVS2127 ​PEM1342


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