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Developmental Math 2 

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The course focuses on the algebraic concepts and skills for solving equations and inequalities, applying the laws of exponents to simplify polynomials, factoring polynomial expressions and using factoring to solve equations, graphing linear equations in two variables, and performing basic operations with radical expressions.






 Textbook Information


TCC uses a customized textbook. The contents are available to TCC students through their Connect links. Please access Connect through Blackboard.





Part Whole Principle

Power-Root Table

The Set of Real Numbers (pdf)

Properties of Real Number
Simplifying Rational Expression
Laws of Exponents
Graph paper - One large grid
Graph paper - One small grid with work space
Graph paper - Two grids per page with work space
Graph paper - Three grids per page with work space
Graph paper - Six grids per page

Fractions/Decimals Review

Prime Factorization (pdf) 
Least Common Multiple (pdf) 
Greatest Common Factor (pdf) 
Adding and Subtracting Fractions (pdf) 
Multiplying and Dividing Fractions (pdf)
Adding and Subtracting Decimals (pdf) 
Multiplying and Dividing Decimals (pdf)
Convert Among Fractions, Decimals, and Percents (pdf)
Operations on Rational Numbers (Fractions) (pdf)
Operations on Rational Numbers (Decimals) (pdf)
Simplifying Algebraic Fractions (pdf)


Order and Sets (pdf)
Opposites and Absolute Values (pdf)
Addition of Integers (pdf)
Subtraction of Integers (pdf)
Multiplication and Division of Integers (pdf)


Exponents (pdf)
Order of Operations Agreement (pdf)

Combining Like Terms and Factoring

Evaluating Variable Expressions (pdf)
Properties of Real Numbers( pdf)
Simplifying Variable Expressions By Combining Like Terms (pdf)
Simplifying Variable Expressions Using Properties of Multiplication (pdf)
Simplifying Variable Expressions Using the Distributive Property (pdf)
Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials (pdf)
Multiplying Monomials (pdf)
Multiplication of Polynomials (pdf)
Multiplying Two Binomials Using the FOIL Method (pdf)
Multiplying Binomials With Special Products (pdf)
Integer Exponents and Division of Monomials (pdf)
Division of a Polynomial by a Monomial (pdf)
Monomial Factors (pdf)
Factoring by Grouping (pdf)
Factoring Trinomials in the Form  x2+bx+c (pdf) 
Factoring Trinomials in the Form ax2+bx+c (pdf)   
Factoring Trinomials in the Form by Grouping (pdf) 
Special Factoring (pdf)

Solving Equations and Inequalities

Solving Equations in the Form x + a = b (pdf)
Solving Equations in the Form ax = b (pdf)
Solving Equations in the Form ax +b = c (pdf)
Solving Equations in the Form ax +b = cx + d (pdf)
Solving Equations With Parentheses (pdf)
Solving Equations With Fractions (pdf)
Solving Inequalities in the Form x + a < b  and ax < b (pdf)
Solving General Inequalities (pdf )
Solving Quadratic Equations (pdf)


Translating Verbal Expressions Into Variable Expressions (pdf)
Translating Expressions Which Have More Than One Unknown Number (pdf)
The Basic Percent Equation (pdf)
Applications of Percents (pdf)
Translating Sentences Into Equations( pdf)
Applications of Translating to Equations (pdf)
Consecutive Integers (pdf)
Coin and Stamp Problems (pdf)
Geometry Problems (pdf)
Markup and Discount (pdf)
Proportions (pdf)
Literal Equations( pdf)



The Rectangular Coordinate System (pdf)
Solutions of Linear Equations in Two Variables (pdf)
Graphs of Linear Equations (pdf)
Finding x and y Intercepts (pdf) 

Radical Operations 

Simplifying Radical Expressions (pdf)
Addition and Subtraction of Radical Expressions (pdf)
Multiplication of Numerical Square Roots (pdf)



​Course specific videos can be accessed through your Blackboard and Connect interface.

 Other Useful Links


Utah Education Network Theme park 
 More links to help and interesting information for algebra. 

Basic Math Concepts from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

 Geometry: Circles and Spheres, Angles; Algebra: Proportionality, Simplifying Equations; Numbers and Notations: Exponential Notation, Significant Figures 
 Order of Operations, Writing Equations, Writing Inequalities, Exponents, Evaluating Expressions, Like Terms, Solving Equations, Solving Inequalities, Graphing Equations and Inequalities, Slope and y-intercept. Unit quizzes and worksheets.

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For more information contact the Learning Commons by phone (850) 201-8193 or e-mail

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7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Fri

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