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Budget Information (A&S Budgets)

TCC students pay a $5.35 per credit hour student activity and service fee which supports the extracurricular and co-curricular activities, such as student clubs and organizations, leadership programs, recreational activities, gym programs, student government, and other college-wide programs and service. Through a Student Activity and Service Budget Board, comprised of students and staff, these funds are allocated to support the cultural, social, educational, spiritual and recreational needs of TCC students.
Without these fees, student would not have the variety of programs, activities, clubs and entertainment available throughout the year.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact:

General Budget Forms, Rules and Timelines

All general budget information, rules, timelines and forms related to requesting, spending and transferring Student Activity & Service Funds are located in this section, including: requests for a budget; requesting funds to spend on specific events, items, travel or programs, travel request funds (requisition forms); transportation/rental requests; transferring funds from one account to another or within the same account; and supplemental budget request funds.


 Budget Procedures, Rules, and Process


Approved departments, offices, student service operations, student clubs and organizations may be eligible to receive Student Activity & Service (SAS) Funding. It is important that before requesting funds and/or after receiving SAS funds that the budget rules and regulations are reviewed to ensure you follow the appropriate processes for requesting or spending these funds. To review the budgetary rules, procedures and regulations, please view the rules and regulations in the Student Activity and Service Budgetary Manual.

Important dates, times and locations for budget meetings, financial workshops, hearings and budget request deadlines will be maintained by the Student Activities Coordinator.

To request funding for the 2016-17 year, the budget request form is due February 5, 2016.


 Spending, Transferring, and Depositing Funds


​General Budget Requisition Form with Checklist

This form is required for clubs and offices to spend funds out of their budget account to purchase items, provide programs and to pay for other services, when completing this form the Checklist on the final page must be completed and turned in with the requisition. For reimbursement of monies back to an individual, please also submit an Disbursement Form with the original receipts attached, any purchases $100.00 or less a disbursement form must be submitted.

Transfer of Funds from One Budget Account To A Different Budget Account

This form is for a club or office that wants to transfer money from their budget account to an account of a different club or office.

Transfer of Funds Within Same Budget Account 

This form is for a club or office that wants to transfer money within the organization's account (transfer of funds from one GL Code to another GL code within same Budget Account). Please remember, transferring funds requires approval of the appropriate budgetary officials and must reflect original budget allocations for the year. (For example, requesting a transfer of funds from your travel code line to the food transfer line will not be approved if it is does not reflect your original budget request provided during the budget review process).

Club and Organization Deposit Form

This form is for all monetary (e.g., cash, checks and money orders) must be deposited into the organizations Agency Account, Foundation Account or Budget Account (if applicable) by using this deposit form and submitted with the monies collected directly to the Student Activities Office in the Student Union room 185.


 Budgetary Form Checklist


​A group of checklists to assist you on the proper procedures when you begin filling out the budgetary forms (General Budget Requisition and Disbursement forms):


 Student Activity & Service Budget Allocations

The Overall 2015-16 Student Activity and Service Budget Allocations shows the budget summary of allocations for all programs, offices, services and clubs that received student activity and service funds for 2015-16.

Financial Status for Student Teams Financial Status include the excel spreadsheets for the allocation, spending and current balances of funds for each student team (e.g. Brain Bowl/Mathletes, Forensics/Debate, Dance Team, Model UN and Cheerleaders).

Financial Status for Student Club Financial Status include the excel spreadsheets for the allocation, spending and current balances of funds for each student club (e.g. Phi Theta Kappa, Black Student Union, College Republicans, International Student Organization).

Financial Status for Campus and Civic Engagement Offices and Student Support Agencies Financial Status include the excel spreadsheets for the allocation, spending and current balances of funds for offices and operations (e.g. Student Government, Campus and Civic Engagement, Student Leadership, Involvement, and Civic Engagement, Intramurals, Lifetime Sports and Athletic Housing).

If you have any questions related to budgets, please contact the Campus & Civic Engagement Department @ (850)201-8420.

There are ten members that hold positions on the Budget Council. There are as follows:

  • Budget Council Chair, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Council Member,  Vice President for Information Technology
  • Council Member,  Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Council Member,  Vice President for Administrative Services & Chief Financial Officer
  • Council Member,  Director of Campus and Civic Engagement
  • Council Member,  Director of Student Success & Retention 
  • Council Member,  Student Involvement Coordinator
  • Council Member,  SGA President 
  • Council Member,  SGA Vice-President 
  • Council Member,  SGA Secretary 
  • Council Member,  Student-At-Large 
  • Council Member,  Administrative Services Official


See the Student Activity and Service Budget Allocations breakdown and budgetary summary for 2014-15. 

For any travel (conferences, competition, etc.) of any student club or campus life operation Student Travel and Transportation Forms are required.

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Contact Information

For more information contact Campus and Civic Engagement by phone (850) 201-8420 or e-mail

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