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General Information & Guidelines 

TCC has a variety of different clubs and organizations to meet the needs of its students. Below is general information and guidelins in detail for each club and/or organization.



 Starting A New Club

  • A New Student Club Registration must be submitted to the Student Activities Office (Student Union, 185) in order to start and register a student organization at TCC. A new organization can be registered at any time throughout the school year. An existing organization should re-register annually by April 1 for the following academic year. Organizations will not be allowed to utilize approved college and/or organization funds and other college resources without a current registration on file with the Student Activities Office. However, for organizational purposes, a group may start advertising and informing students about their club or team without a registration form being submitted.

New Student Club Registration Form

  • If you are requesting to start a Student Team, please contact the Christene Kessler, Student Activities Coordinator at (850) 201-8090 prior to completing the form (you can also visit the Student Activities Office located at the Student Union, Room 185) .

Official Process:

1) Student Club applicants completes a New Student Club Registration Form. The application must include:

  • At least three (3) executive board members, one of which will be responsible for the fiscal matters and financial operations of the student club
  • At least, one (1) faculty or staff advisor
  • At least seven (7) student club members (not including the executive officers) – student must provide TCC student ID#, TCC e-mail and signature (a total of 10 student club members including executive officers)
  • Mission statement/purpose
  • Measurable goals for academic year
  • A constitution, if the club (chapter) is affiliated with a professional organization (i.e., Phi Theta Kappa, NAACP, etc). Usually this involves an organization required to collect membership dues and submit to national headquarter.

2) The registration form must be submitted to the Student Activities Office (SU 185), and date stamped.

3) The Student Activities Coordinator (SAC) will:

  • Review the form/application for completion;
  • Verify the students on the application are currently enrolled TCC students; and
  • Ensure the mission and goals do not duplicate the mission and goals of another organization.

4) If in compliance, the SAC will sign-off and mark "approved" on the form.

5) The SAC forwards the form to the Student Organizations Council Chair. The SOC Chair will notify the club of the approval via e-mail, and place the club on the SOC agenda for ratification by the student members of the council. The student club president will be required to attend the next SOC meeting.

6) At the next SOC meeting, the new student club president provides a presentation and introduction about the club to the members of the Student Organizations Council.

7) The SOC council may ask questions, and then, officially ratifies the new student club as a student club, and member of the Student Organizations Council. (NOTE: The Student Organizations Council is the governing body for all student clubs, and is comprised of the student club president for each registered student club).

8) At that time, the student club president is formally invited to take a seat at the SOC table as an official voting member of the SOC.

9) Prior to requesting or spending any funds, the student organization president and financial officer will be required to attend a Financial Management Workshop which is offered at the start of each semester.

To maintain registration status, all student clubs must complete the Student Club Membership Roster Form, and submit the form the Student Activities Office no later than November 1st for the Fall Term, and no later than April 1st for the Spring Term.


 Existing Club: Annual Re-Registration



Each year, current student clubs are required to register their club (Student Club Re-Registration Form)and also provide a membership roster of student members for the club (Student Membership Roster Form) for official recognition by the College. Re-registering your club allows you to request funding, travel, reserve campus rooms and facilities, participate in leadership programs and obtain the other support services offered through Campus Life. Please be sure to complete the appropriate form, and submit it to the Student Activities Office no later than April 1 for the upcoming academic year.

Student clubs that fail to submit a Re-Registration Form and Student Membership Roster Form by the specified deadline will be unable to request funds, receive funds, spend funds, travel, or reserve space/facilities until the form has been completed and approved through the Student Activities Office. Please download and complete the appropriate form below and return it to the Student Activities Office (Student Union, Room 185).


 Point System & Reporting



To report participation and receive points, please complete the SOC Documentation Form and submit it to the Student Activities Office (Student Union, Room 185) or via email at

The purpose of the Student Organizations Point System is to ensure that registered student organizations are provided with:

  1. Guiding activities for recruitment efforts, and to remain active and visible on campus.
  2. Student involvement opportunities and activities to support student success and student learning.
  3. An opportunity to obtain leadership, planning, teamwork and organizations skills.
  4. The ability to become aware and participate in community service learning opportunities.
  5. A foundation to become a viable and integral part of the college’s growing learning community.
For this reason, funding through the Student Activity and Service Budget Board is distributed to organizations based on the amount of points they attain.  In addition, these points will used in determining the awards for and recognition of clubs, their members and advisors throughout the year and during annual awards ceremonies.
To receive credit for points you must turn in with the form a copy of the most recent meeting roster that will be compared to the club membership roster to verify members. This must be turned into the Student Activities office front desk to be checked in and forwarded to the SOC Chair for verification. 
All point forms must be turned in by 5:00 pm on the last Friday of the month of the event. All events that are held on the day or after the last Friday of that month must be turned in by the last Friday of the next month. (Example: If the last Friday of August is the 27th , the forms for events held on August 27th , 28th , 29th , 30th , and 31st must be turned in by the September point’s deadline.)
Since December is a short month due to finals, end of classes, and the holiday break; all forms for events held after the December point deadline must be included in the January points date. As such, these events will count toward the Spring Semester totals.
The dates for points to be turned in are as follows for the 2012-2013 year.
September 24th , 2012; October 29th , 2012; November 19th , 2012 (due to Thanksgiving holidays); December 10th , 2012 (Fall Semester); January 28th , 2013; February 25th , 2013; March 25th , 2013; April 29th , 2013; May 27th , 2013 (end of points)
There are a total of 78 points available.  Student clubs must obtain a minimum of 40 points by January 28th to be eligible for funding; however, clubs may be allotted greater amounts of funding if they exceed the minimum requirement in accordance with the Student Activity and Service Fee Budgetary rules and regulations.  The following list outlines the various methods through which organizations can receive points:​



  1. Conference Assessment Presentations .  Members of a student organization that attended a regional or national conference can present before the SOC on the learning gained from attendance at the conference.  The presentations should include what the students learned, and how they will apply what they learned to the student organization, SOC and/or the student body of TCC as a whole. The student organization can receive 3 points per presentation.                     (Max Points = 6 points)

  2. Regularly pick-up mail from student club mailbox.  Each student club is provided a mailbox in the Student Activities Center.  Mail should be picked up each week to obtain important information (e.g. upcoming training workshops, budgetary deadline dates, financial reports, or procedural revisions). To receive points for regularly picking-up mail, the student club representative must check-in with the Student Activities Center front-desk assistant to validate date and time of pick-up each week.  Each club will attain one (1) point for obtaining mail on a weekly basis.            (Max points = 7) 

  3. Participate in a Leadership and Training Workshop .  The Student Activities Office (SAO) in cooperation with Volunteer Services, Judicial Affairs, Academic Divisions, Business Office and other Tallahassee agencies offer a number of workshops specifically designed to assist student organizations.  The workshop topics may include Leadership 101, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Program Planning, Civic Education, Risk Management, Fiscal Accountability or Time Management: Balancing Academics and Student Involvement.  Stop by the SAO to find out more information for a schedule of workshops.  Two (2) points will be given for each workshop where 30% of, or more, club members participate. Clubs may opt to attend other leadership seminars sponsored by TCC or leadership conferences hosted by credible organizations, but documentation of attendance must be shown to merit a point.  In addition, the student will be required to complete an evaluation/survey of the workshop. (Max points = 8) 

  4. Get involved with TCC Intramurals. As a part of one’s wellness and team-building opportunities, student organizations are encouraged to organize and participate in an intramural team through Intramural Sports, or participate in one of the organized recreation activities provided through the college’s recreational organization.  The student organization will receive 4 points for creating a club team (all team members are club members) and will receive two (2) points for having the club represented on another team (some team members are club members). In addition, student organizations may receive 1 point for having at least 30% of members attend Intramural games as spectators.  (Max points = 8) 
  5. Participate in Recreational Activities.  As a part of one’s wellness and team-building opportunities, student organizations are encouraged to participate in recreational activities such as Eagle Adventures.  Student organizations will receive two (2) points for each TCC-sponsored trip populated by club members. (Max points = 4) 

  6. Complete special projects . Examples of special projects include a fundraiser, faculty or professional lecture by a qualified individual, Eagle Business Society lectures, and workshop which improve effectiveness of organization or student learning. You must submit a Special Projects Form with all pertinent additional proof to receive points for the events. (Max points = 8; 2 points for 30% of, or more, members in attendance; 2 points for implementing project).

  7. Plan and implement one cooperative program each semester .  Plan, implement and/or actively participate in a campus-wide event, activity or program in cooperation with another student organization and the Student Activities Office.  Examples of cooperative programs, includes heritage/cultural programs, Alcohol Awareness Week, Welcome Week, etc.  These events must coordinated through the Student Activities Office and be promoted for participation by all students at TCC.  The student organization will receive two points for each program. (Max points = 4)

  8. Complete one community service project a semester . Examples include going to a homeless shelter, helping through Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, participating in a beach clean-up or other Volunteer Services sponsored activities. Community service projects must promote TCC and the organization in a positive fashion. You must attach some type of proof that you participated in community service (i.e. a letter from the coordinator of the event) to the Special Projects Form. The event must be organized in cooperation with the Office of Volunteer Services and the Student Activities Office.  The club will receive four (4) points for each community service project that is created and implemented by the organization and will receive two (2) points for attending service-projects (at least 30% of the members must participate in the activity).         (Max points = 8)

  9. Attend events, programs or activities sponsored by TCC.   At least 30% of individuals from your organization must attend a TCC sponsored event other than an event sponsored by your organization. If ticket stubs are shown or Student Organizations signup sheets are signed, they will receive 1 point for the event attended. There will be times throughout the semester when the SAO will make certain events “Student Organizations Night” which you will have an opportunity to receive 2 points for that particular event. At least four events must be attended to obtain the four points or two events for Student Organizations Night events. (Max points = 6)

  10. Attend International and Multicultural Heritage/Diversity Programs.   At least 30% of individuals from your organization must attend an international or multicultural heritage/diversity event sponsored by TCC or a registered student club, other than your own (i.e., International Student Festival, Black Heritage Program event, Women’s History Month program, etc.).                      (Max points = 6; 2 points per event)

  11. Attend a Fine Art events , which includes musical concerts (TCC’s band), Theatre/Drama showings (Theatre TCC) and Art Exhibits sponsored by TCC only. If programs or some proof of the event is shown (30 % of organization’s members minimum per event), they will receive 1 point for the event attended. (Max points = 3)

  12. Attend TCC Athletics events sponsored by TCC only. At least 30% of individuals from your organization must attend. If ticket stubs are shown or proof sheets are signed, they will receive 1 point for the event attended. (Max points = 4)

  13. Extra Credit Points”:  Clubs may earn extra points only after they have satisfied the aforementioned requirements.  These points may not replace any required activities.  Thus far, extra points can be earned in the following way(s):

  14. Submitting 5 pictures of any club event/gathering to the student organization: Pictures are deemed acceptable if they may be considered appropriate to post on the Student Activities web page or to be used in brochures, publicity and awards presentations and other promotions. One point will be given for every 5 acceptable pictures. (Max points = 5)

  15. Submitting “Kudos” announcements: If your club receives a city, state, regional, or national award or honor, tell us about it!  Bonus points may be granted for serving as positive role models.    (Max points = 5)

  16. Keeping up with school work: Each semester the Grade Point Averages of club members will be averaged together to make a club average.  Points will be awarded as follows:                            Points: 2.5-2.9 = 2 points, 3.0-3.5 = 3 points, 3.6 – 4.0 = 4 points

Special Notes: For the categories that require 30% attendance, partial credit (half the points possible per event) will be granted if 15% of the club’s active membership participates.  Clubs may not earn planning and participation points except where expressly allowed by the Director of Campus Life.

Funding through the Student Activity and Service Budget Board is distributed to organizations based on the amount of points they attain. In addition, these points will used in determining the awards for and recognition of clubs, their members and advisors throughout the year and during annual awards ceremonies.



  • New Student Club Registration Form                                                                                                        Required Form to request registration of a new student club, or a club that has been inactive for more than two (2) years.
  • SOC Constitution 
  • SOC Documentation Form 
  • Student Club Membership Roster Form                                                                                                   Required Form for all student clubs and teams (DUE BY: September 17 for Fall Term, and January 21 for Spring Term).
  • Student Club Re-Registration Form                                                                                                            Required Form for all student clubs that were registered last year, or if your club has been inactive less than two (2) years (DUE BY April 1).


Contact Information

For more information contact Campus and Civic Engagement by phone (850) 201-8420 or e-mail

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