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The Chief's Blog


April 7, 2015

Chris Summers, Chief of Police Tuesday, April 7, 2015
As part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April, I wanted to take a moment and share with you a number of events that the TCC Police Department will be supporting. I hope you take some time to help support them as well. 

Refuge House has partnered with Tallahassee Community College to provide a wide range of advocacy services relating to the prevention of domestic, relationship violence and rape crisis, all of which are available for any student, faculty or staff member at TCC. They will be hosting a community awareness event at Lake Ella on April 9 from 6 to 8 p.m. There will be a number of community groups setting up information tables and Refuge House will be providing refreshments.  

Additionally, Refuge House will be hosting a 5K run on Sunday, April 19 at Jake Gaither Community Center. Please refer to their website for further information:

Another important organization, Big Bend Victim AssistanceCoalition (BBVAC) will be hosting their annual Jill McArthur Victims’ Rights Week Luncheon and Awards Ceremony, Monday, April 20 at Capital City Country Club. For more information about this event, please contact Fawnisha Brown with Tallahassee Police Department at (850) 891-4200. 

TCC PD is committed to our mission of providing a safe learning environment for our community. Education, prevention and awareness programs are a critical piece to this mission and I rely on our community partners to help us in this endeavor. 

Each and every member of our community can play an important role in maintaining a safe campus. 

If you have been a vi​ctim of any form of violence, harassment or abuse, please reach out for help. If the incident(s) have occurred at your home off campus, contact the police or sheriff’s department at (850) 606-5800. Both agencies have victim advocates to assist you. If you feel more comfortable beginning this process with TCC PD, please call us at (850) 201-6100 and we will be glad to assist you with reporting to either of our local law enforcement agencies as well as contacting Refuge house to help you with any advocacy needs. 

If you know of someone who has or is experiencing any type relational violence, please encourage them to seek help. If this is happening at TCC please report this to my department. If you feel uncomfortable coming directly to the police department, you may report the incident to any of the following Campus Security Authorities (CSA’s):

  • Student Affairs
  • Athletic Coaches and Athletic Director
  • Advisors to Student Groups
  • Campus and Civic Engagement
  • Disability Support Services
  • Administrators at all satellite campus locations
  • Police Department members   

You can also report the incident using Silent Witness, a program that allows you to report crimes or incidents that occur on campus anonymously. It is very important for us to know about crimes on campus so that we may be able to take steps to prevent further crimes. 

It is important to hold those people responsible for harming our community. If you witness any form of violence, harassment or abuse, know that there is strength in numbers. By intervening and providing assistance however you can, you send a message that you do not condone that type of behavior here at TCC. For additional information about safety and awareness:

  • Jessica from the Refuge House discusses safety and Refuge House services: VIDEO
  • US Government’s website on the prevention of sexual​   

Thank you for your contribution to making TCC a great place.

February 18, 2015

Chris Summers, Chief of Police Wednesday, February 18, 2015

TCC Community:   

This is an update for the TCC community on efforts we have made to better secure the campus since the June 10, 2014 incident on campus involving a person with a handgun.   

The following actions were taken as a result of the incident: 

  • Reviewed the incident from a safety and security standpoint with a goal of revising any processes and protocols identified as deficient. 
  • Reviewed and assessed our current ability to lock down the campus. 
  • Provided recommendations on how to enhance our ability to secure classrooms. 
  • Provided a longer-term solution to a campus-wide remote lock-down capability.     

E.E. Eunice, chair of the Safety and Security Committee, organized a special ad-hoc committee led by Monte Finkelstein. The ad-hoc committee’s report addressed the following key issues: 

  • TCC Alerts process modifications 
  • Physical security improvements on main campus 
  • Need for continued training both on a college-wide level and within individual departments 
  • Enhanced TCC Emergency Communications Operations Plan for critical incidents    

TCC Alert process modifications: 

  • Future alerts will include a building name and number. 
  • A process has been developed to broadcast a general alert with an immediate safety directive. This alert will be followed by an updated alert within approximately 15 minutes that provides more specific information about the incident. Follow-up messages may direct the TCC community to the TCC website for more in-depth information. 
  • TCC Alerts are now facilitated through RAVE Alert, replacing BlackBoard Alert. Note that you will receive text alerts to your cell phone faster than any other alert notification. 
  • Alertus has replaced Net-Notify as the software product that manages and sends alerts to computers and telephones on campus. 

Follow the directions given by TCC Police and do not advise others to do things that are contrary to what the alert has instructed.   

Physical security improvements on main campus: 

  • As a short-term solution, we are installing locksets on rooms that could not lock or could only key-lock from outside of classroom. This is in process now and will be complete before the start of the Fall 2015 semester. 
  • For a long-term solution, we are currently in the planning stage of a process to migrate to single electronic lock solution for entire campus. 
  • We are in the process of securing Department of Homeland Security funds to expand camera system capabilities on campus.     

Safety and security training on campus: 

  • Continue with campus-wide building captains training, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) basic training, other training as appropriate.  
  • Training is available in person and will be available online as soon as modules are built to work within Canvas. 
  • Department-based training and awareness will be set up by department directors and TCCPD.  Please contact me via email or 201-6100.      

TCC Emergency Communications Plan enhancements: 

  • The TCC Emergency Communications Plan has been refined to incorporate National Incident Management System language and recommendations. 
  • Roles and responsibilities within the Office of Communications and Marketing​ have been refined to ensure critical tasks are addressed during an emergency event at TCC.   

It is important to note that in the time of an emergency, faculty and staff should follow the TCCPD’s directions and not advise students to do anything different than those directions.   

I would like to thank the TCC community members who help keep our campus a safe place to learn and work. Please let me know if you have any questions on this or any other safety-related matters.  

Thank you, 

Chris Summers    ​

December 12, 2014

Chris Summers, Chief of Police Friday, December 12, 2014

​I hope this final blog for 2014 finds you well and ready for the holiday season. 

2014 has been an eventful year here at TCC, in our local community and across the nation. We have been tested with a number of events here on campus from firearm-related incidents to weather emergencies. From my perspective, we have learned quite a bit and have been able to improve a number of processes from these experiences.

As we move forward, we will continue to learn from the events happening locally and across the nation with the goal of gaining insights for implementing preventative measures here at TCC to make our campus even safer.

On behalf of the staff of TCC PD, we hope you have a safe and happy holiday season and come back to campus ready for a great new year.

One objective remains constant; a safe community begins with a solid foundation of trust amongst our community members and leaders. As I have had the privilege to meet many of you at different events, I have been encouraged to feel the sense of community that exists at our College. I will continue to encourage each of you to do your part to keep our campus community a safe place to learn.

Two recent events serve as proof to me that our students are doing their share. In one, a student oversaw two individuals conducting a drug transaction near the Workforce Development Building. The student alerted a staff member who contacted TCC PD. Our investigation resulted in the seizure of marijuana and instruments used in the sale of illegal drugs. The suspect, a student, was arrested and taken to jail. I am a firm believer that guns and drugs are a nexus to violent crime. If dealers believe they can sell drugs here on campus without fear of the community objecting they will. 

The second event was last week when a student contacted TCCPD to report two individuals pulling door handles on cars in one of our parking lots. Our investigation determined that the suspects entered at least one vehicle and stole a purse containing valuables. The purse was recovered and returned to the student that evening.

These are great examples of our students doing the right thing and helping us keep our campus safe.  As we enter the holiday season and a break from campus, I want to share this link with you all from the National Center for Campus Public Safety: They provide a series of tips and suggestions for you to think about both here on campus and at home, as well as while you are out shopping.

On behalf of the staff of TCC PD, we hope you have a safe and happy holiday season and come back to campus ready for a great new year.

Chris Summers 

Shooting at FSU Campus 11-20-14

Chris Summers, Chief of Police Thursday, November 20, 2014
TCC Community:

As many of you may know, there was a shooting at FSU’s Strozier Library early this morning. Please keep the victims and the entire FSU Community in your thoughts and prayers. We will monitor the events and offer any assistance should FSU PD or TPD make a request.

Please fight the temptation to spread information that has not been vetted or shared via official sources. If you believe you have information about this incident please contact TCC Police at (850) 201-6100 and ask to speak with a supervisor. If you know the FSU community members involved in this incident and need any assistance with coping with this event, please utilize our campus advocacy services or let me know personally. I will ensure we can get you some assistance. Big Bend 211 is a free and confidential telephone referral service all you need to do is dial “211”.

Our school has safety plans in place and we will be extra vigilant over the next few days. As you can see from this event and our own experiences here at TCC, your local law enforcement agencies work very well together.  We all rely on your cooperation and assistance to keep our community safe.  You all are a very important part of the safety equation.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions of us.

Stay Safe,


September 22 2014

Chris Summers, Chief of Police Monday, September 22, 2014

I hope the beginning of the fall semester has been a smooth transition for all of you and you are settling in to a good routine.  

We experienced a rash of thefts the first week of classes. The suspects were stealing personal data devices that were left unattended. Please do not leave your valuables unattended, even for a few seconds because the theft can happen that fast. These types of crimes can be prevented very easily, by asking a friend to watch your valuables if you have to leave them. If you see someone who may be looking around as if they might be waiting for an opportunity to steal something, call our office at (850) 201-6100. Please make sure to provide a good description for our officers to work with. 

You may begin to see or read information about bystander intervention. Bystander intervention is a term that has been associated with your ability to intervene if you see a fellow student or friend possibly becoming victimized. The most common scenario centers on social settings where alcoholic beverages are being consumed. If you see where a friend or fellow student may have had too much to drink and is vulnerable to being victimized, you need to help and intervene. Sadly, some people go out with the specific intent to victimize another person. There have been many cases locally at clubs and parties where someone has mixed drugs into drinks and later assaulted a person. These incidents have obvious short-term but also long-term negative effects on a person’s life. 

In other news, TCCPD has begun a partnership with Refuge House in an effort to provide referral services to those students who may need confidential advocacy services. Additionally, our partnership will provide an avenue for students gain more information and training about personal safety. The video below discusses Refuge Houses’ service and some tips for about how to intervene in a situation that could result in an assault. 

Another great video was produced byNorth Carolina State University and discusses Bystander Intervention including some short video segments about how to intervene. I believe it is worth anyone’s time to watch it, not just students. 

TCC is in the process of developing more training for Faculty, Students and Staff dedicated to personal safety and how to report incidents of sexual assault, harassment, stalking and domestic violence. In the meantime, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact TCC Police Department for further information.  

Stay safe and enjoy your time at TCC.           ​

Welcome Back from Chief Summers

Chris Summers, Chief of Police Tuesday, August 26, 2014

This will be my first fall semester with you at TCC and I look forward to the beginning of a great year. Our Police Department has just finished our annual in-service training and will begin this school year with a renewed effort to work with our TCC Community to maintain a safe learning environment for all. 

Please remember, public safety is everyone’s responsibility, please do your part to help us maintain a safe campus. Anonymous tips for crimes or suspicious incidents occurring on campus can be reported via “Silent Witness”. Silent witness is available via the TCCPD website

Events from around the country remind us that communication and collaboration are two major components of a safe community. TCCPD completed advanced training in Procedural Justice and Police Legitimacy. I feel confident we are the first law enforcement agency in our area to begin this process and integrate procedural justice and police legitimacy into our daily operating procedures.  Our police agency understands that TCCPD derives its authority from the US Constitution, Florida Statutes and TCC Policies, but we understand we gain our legitimacy for our community. 

Last year, TCCPD received high marks from you as reported in the annual survey of safety on campus.  Our goal is to continue to reach higher.  One of the ways I believe we can add value to your safety while you work or attend school at TCC is to assist you with any efforts you make to remain safe while you are off campus. 

TCCPD maintains highly effective relationships with our local law enforcement agencies and many community based organizations in an effort to ensure there is continuity in services for you.  We welcome any opportunity to serve you while you are here at Tallahassee Community College.  If you would like to meet with me or any member of our staff please do not hesitate to contact me at (850) 201-6100 or via email at

Please remember, public safety is everyone’s responsibility, please do your part to help us maintain a safe campus. Anonymous tips for crimes or suspicious incidents occurring on campus can be reported via “Silent Witness”. Silent witness is available via the TCCPD website.  

July 28 2014

Chris Summers, Chief of Police Monday, July 28, 2014

The summer is flying by and we are quickly moving towards the fall semester, but no matter what time of year it is safety is always in season. TCC Police Department members have been busy in a number of ways and I thought I would use this time to share information about a few safety related projects underway. 

Safety and Security Committee Ad Hoc Task Force 

At the request of President Murdaugh, EE Eunice, executive director of TCC's Florida Public Safety Institute, convened a special meeting with the Safety and Security Committee. The committee was tasked with creating a special ad hoc sub-committee to review the firearm incident on campus. The mission of the task force was to solicit feedback on the incident, review our current training and procedures and make recommendations for how to improve our processes here at TCC. The task force group is chaired by Monte Finkelstein, dean of History and Social Sciences, and is comprised of TCC faculty and staff from many different areas on campus. We hope to culminate our work with a document that provides an overview and lessons learned.  My sincere thanks go out to Dr. Finkelstein, Martin Balinsky, Alice Maxwell, Candice Grause, Mike Matthews, GW Lupton, Mike Younger, Dave Wildes and Jimmie Baker for their efforts. 

TCC Alert 

RAVE Alert has replaced Blackboard as the platform for our campus-wide notifications system.  IT is in the process of changing some software that will help integrate the alert system. You have seen separate emails from me regarding Alertus and checking your contact information in Eaglenet. We will be working on a campus wide alert test in August. 

Personal Safety and Relational Violence 

Tallahassee Community College does not condone any form of harassment or relationship related violence.  If you need more information about what to do if you feel that you have been victimized or know another student who may be in need of assistance, please contact TCCPD.​

I am very proud to report that TCCPD has partnered with the Refuge House​ on training for students relating to relationship violence awareness and what to do if one finds themselves in need of assistance. TCCPD will have printed information available in our lobby and at our information kiosk in the student union. Refuge House will provide some information at our student orientations too.  

TCC will continue to increase our commitment to keeping a safe campus by implementing a college wide training program for faculty students and staff.  We are working with a national organization to finalize our plan and I will write more about this plan later. 

Service Hours 

Lastly, we will be in the process of modifying our service hours beginning in August. The Police Department service hours will closely mirror those hours of the class schedule, the Library and the Learning Commons. This modification will allow us to have more staffing available during peak hours of campus activity. We will continue to have an emphasis on patrolling the parking areas during the evening. Please do not hesitate to call us if you need some assistance watching out for your safety while you walk to your car.​​​​​

Update on June 10, 2014 Main Campus Incident

Chris Summers, Chief of Police Friday, June 27, 2014

​I wanted to advise the College Community that an arrest has been made in connection with a June 10, 2014 incident involving a person with a handgun on the main campus. The incident resulted in a dangerous-person alert being issued and the campus community being advised to remain indoors. No shots were fired during the 10:30 a.m. incident and the campus was fully open and operational by 1 p.m.

Since then, an ongoing investigation has resulted in the arrest of Melchi Trelenus Thomas, 19, of Tallahassee. Mr. Thomas has been charged with aggravated assault with a firearm and possession of a firearm on school property. The suspect was taken into custody by the U.S. Marshals Service today and was later turned over to the Leon County Detention Facility. A judge has set the suspect’s bond at $11,000 and also issued an order that prohibits Mr. Thomas from coming to the TCC campus.

Mr. Thomas is a current student at TCC. The College judicial process has also begun concerning the incident.

I would like to thank the TCC Community members who played an integral  part in this investigation and are committed to helping keep our campus a safe place to learn.

June 12, 2014

Chris Summers, Chief of Police Thursday, June 12, 2014

​The past two days have been very busy for Police Department members here on the main campus. First and foremost, I want to express my thanks to all faculty, students and staff for their efforts the day of campus wide alert. There are a few questions on protocols and procedures that have arisen out of the events of the day. Our department will be working with the College’s established committees on campus to make revisions or adjustments as necessary.

Our College has very good plans in place to address how we, as a college community, should react to campus wide emergencies. Our Building Captains manual and our Facilities Emergency Response Plan are great resources. Your Building Captain has these plans available via a PDF document. You may also contact Mr. Michael Younger, TCC Safety Officer, at for a copy of these documents. Our long range plan is to continue to train more Building Captains. Please let your supervisors know if you are interested in this training.

We, as a TCC Community, will emerge from this event even stronger and better prepared to take on tomorrow’s challenges.  My department’s investigation of this incident continues.  Any faculty, student or staff member that was a witness or has any information regarding this incident, I encourage you to contact TCCPD or utilize our Silent Witness program available via TCCPD’s website.

I will challenge all of you to be part of our campus safety solution. You have a responsibility to help maintain a secure learning environment here at TCC. We are here to help you but you have to take a stand. When someone’s actions or behavior is inappropriate or is breaking the law, don’t let it go. When those individuals intent on making this campus unsafe believe you will not object, they will keep doing it. There is strength in numbers.

In our continuing effort to keep you safe both on and off campus, I have included a number of areas within the City of Tallahassee currently experiencing an increase in burglaries and auto thefts.

Tallahassee Police are continually patrolling these areas but need your assistance.  Please do not make it easy for the criminals:

  1. Lock cars; do not leave valuables in plain view.
  2. Secure scooters or bring them indoors.
  3. Report suspicious activity or people.
Anonymous tips about crimes or  those who may be committing crimes off campus may be reported via Silent Witness or Big Bend Crime Stoppers.

Current Focus Areas North:

  • 2900 block of Mission Rd
  • 2700 block of W Tharpe St1800 blk Ivan Dr
  • 1800 block of Aaron Dr
  • 1800 block of Devra Dr
  • 2000 block of Scenic Rd
  • 1300 block of California St
  • 800-1000 block of Basin St
  • 1600 block of W Call St
  • 1800 block of Miccosukee Rd
  • 1100 block of Buckingham Dr
  • 800 block of Timberview Dr
  • 2200 block of Shirley Ann Ct
Current Focus Areas South:
  • 300 block of Hayden Rd
  • 800 block of Mabry St
  • 900 lock of Bald Eagle Run
  • 2400 block of Jackson Bluff Rd
  • 2700 block of W Pensacola St
  • 300 block of Ridge Rd
  • 200 block of E. Fleetwood St
  • 4200 block of Weatherby Ct 

Hello TCC Campus

Chris Summers, Chief of Police Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Welcome to the Chief’s Blog. This will be my first of what I hope to be many blogs where I will share timely information with you in an effort to keep you aware of what is going on crime-wise both on campus and where you live. 

Campus wide, we are entering into the beginning of summer and as of yet, no real crime patterns or trends are yet emerging. Prevention is always the best plan. Keep track of your belongings and your surroundings. Sadly, some of the people on campus are not here for an education, but may be here to make a few bucks at your expense.  Besides keeping tracks of your valuables, if you see someone acting suspiciously, say something to them, call TCC PD or utilize Silent Witness via our website. Your fellow students will appreciate you looking out for them. I assure you, if a criminal believes each and every one of us will not tolerate crime, they will go somewhere else where is easier to offend. 

Off Campus, the latest areas for you to take extra precautions are:

  • Auto Burgl​aries 
    • 2700 block W. Pensacola St.
    • 3000 block McCord Blvd.
    • 3000-3100 blocks N. Fulmer Cir.
    • 3100 block Huntington Woods Blvd.
    • 1100 block Ocala Rd.
    • 1300 block Ocala Rd.
    • (These crimes are usually committed during late night and early morning hours.)  .
  • Residential Burglaries 
    • 1900 block Gina Dr.
    • 2200 block Hartsfield Way
    • 2400 block Hartsfield Rd.
    • 2000 block Old St. Augustine Rd.
    • 400 block Omega Dr.
    • 3400 block Mizzell Dr.
    • (These crimes are committed mostly during the daytime hours.)

​​Residential and auto burglaries are a persistent problem in these areas. Please ensure you lock your vehicles and do not leave valuables in your vehicles. The same goes for apartments and homes. Lock your doors and keep your roommates informed of any visitors that might come by. Keep good inventories of your valuables including photos and serial numbers if possible.  Back-up copies of these records are always a good idea. 

If you would like any additional safety information, feel free to contact me via email​ or speak with any of our TCCPD officers at (850)201-6100.​​​​​​​​




As Chief of Police for Tallahassee Community College, it is my duty to protect and serve, but I also believe it is my duty to help the campus thrive. Creating a safe community where we can work together to cultivate a healthy, productive learning environment is my main goal. I want to get everyone thinking about safety and success.

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