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Building Captains

tcc building captains reading a clipboardIn a continuing effort to increase campus security and ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff, the College’s Safety & Security Committee has developed a plan that assigns Building Captains to all campus facilities. Building Captains are responsible for directing the campus community to a designated staging area as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency.

Many buildings, such as the Student Union, the Technology & Professional Programs Building, and the Fine & Performing Arts Center, house a number of different offices on multiple floors. As a result, Building Captains have been assigned liberally around campus. In most cases, each office, department and division will have their own Building Captain in place.

Building Captains have also been assigned to TCC’s service centers in downtown Tallahassee (TCC Capitol Center), Crawfordville (The Wakulla Center), Quincy (The Quincy House), and the Florida Public Safety Institute (PTLEA).

More than 130 faculty and staff participated in training sessions, under the leadership of David Hendry​, Chief of Police, and Joy Hester, Public Safety Officer, who serves as Building Captain Coordinator. During training, captains were educated on the emergency response plan for their specific office, department or division, as well as the importance of providing leadership during emergency situations.

The College’s emergency plans cover dangerous situations, hazardous conditions and weather-related emergencies, such as flash floods, severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. Because hurricanes require advance preparation, the College has a stand-alone plan in the event of an approaching tropical system.

During emergencies, Building Captains will be identified by a red vest with the words “Building Captain” on both the front and back. They will alert their designated population about the emergency and proceed to direct traffic to the predetermined staging area or to shelter-in-place, whichever is the appropriate action to take as determined by the emergency. 

For more information on Building Captains, log on to the TCC Portal

​TCC Building Captain Roster

(NOTE: Some captains will serve more than one area)​​​​​​​​​


 Buildings and Divisions

​​ ​ ​
​Building​​​​ Abbv. ​#​ ​Captain​​
​English Building ​EN ​1 ​Jennifer Bradley, Sylvia Masters,  Frances Lane, Randall Eddy
​Science-Math Annex ​SMA ​2 ​Jennifer Bradley, Sylvia Masters, Frances Lane, Randall Eddy, Danny James​
Academic Support Building AP 3 Dyna Rene​, Katina Smith
​Moore Lecture Hall​ MLH ​4 ​Alan Stuart-Tilley
​Communications & Humanities Building ​CH 5​ ​​Jennifer Bradley, Sylvia Masters,  Frances Lane, Randall Eddy
Dental Hygiene Building, 1st floor, HCP ​DH ​6  ​Michele Edwards, Virginia Wagner
Dental Hygiene Building, 2nd floor, AP​ ​DH
​Dyna Rene​, Katina Smith,
​Dental Hygiene Building, 2nd floor, AP (Night)​ ​DH ​6 ​Scott Best​ 
​Academic Computing Center​ ​AC 8​ ​Ben Heinzinger, Melissa Scalzi
​Centre Building, 1st floor, Print Shop​ ​CB ​9 ​Bobby Jones, Tom Galloway
​Centre Building, 2nd floor, Police Department ​CB ​9 ​Jaqueline Willis, Terry Grabill, Penny Malone
​TPP Building, 2nd floor, North ​TPP ​11 ​​Henry Thomas, Amy Batchelor, Rebekah Gaudet
​TPP Building, 2nd floor, South ​TPP ​11 ​Henry Thomas, Amy Batchelor, Rebekah Gaudet, Matt McKibbin, Lois Gracey
​Fine & Performing Arts Center, 1st floor, Turner Auditorium ​FPAC ​12 ​Ken Fredrickson, Dan Porten, James Wright
​​Fine & Performing Arts Center, 2nd floor, CTE​ ​FPAC ​12 ​Karinda Barrett, Lee Williams
​Fine & Performing Arts Center, 2nd floor, Testing Center ​FPAC ​12 ​Katrina White, Tim Roberts
​Fine & Performing Arts Center, 2nd floor, Disability Support Services Testing​ ​FPAC ​12 ​Linda Okun
​Lifetime Sports Complex ​LSC ​15 ​Reggie Johnson, Robert Meeks
​Support Services Building ​SV ​17 ​John Norris, Harry Strawter
​Science & Mathematics Building​, 1st FLOOR ROTUNDA AREA)​ ​SM ​18 ​Neisa Logman
​Science & Mathematics Building​, Parking Lot Area ​SM ​18 ​Gloria Jones
​Science & Mathematics Building​, 1st and 2nd Floors, East Wing ​SM ​18 ​Lucinda Jarosz
​Science & Mathematics Building​, 1st and 2nd Floors, West Wing ​SM ​18 ​Lisa Mims
​Science & Mathematics Building​, 1st and 2nd Floors, West Lab Area ​SM ​18 ​Alan Stuart-Tilley​
​University Center Building ​UC ​19 ​Donald Parks, Jerome Preston
Baseball Fieldhouse ​BBFH ​20 ​Mike McLeod
​Administration Building 1st floor, Purchasing ​AD ​27 ​Curtis Watkins, Bobby Hinson
​Administration Building 1st floor​, HR ​AD ​27 ​Jackie Chaires-Lacey
​Administration Building 1st floor​, Business ​AD ​27 ​Teresa McMillon
​Administration Building 1st floor​, C&G ​AD ​27 ​Amy Gaughf
​Administration Building 1st floor​, IT ​AD ​27 ​Kevin Peddie
Administration Building, 2nd floor, Foundation & PIO ​AD ​27 ​Ranie Thompson
​Central Energy Plant Building​ ​CU ​28 Tim Ott, Chad Presley
Library, 1st floor​ ​LB ​30 ​Franklin Arroyo, Victor Keaton, Edwenia Williams, Susan Crutchfield, Diana Smith, Ginger Lepley, Rita Dickey
​Library, 2nd floor ​LB ​30 ​Kathleen Coleman, Sherifat (Sheri) Thomas, John Puckett
​Learning Commons, 1st floor ​LC ​30 ​Vera Mayes, Gregg Smith, Andrew Watkins, Alia Green
Learning Commons, 2nd floor ​LC ​30 ​Sandy Sampson, Shekitta Allen, Maggie Soff, Dee Dee Myers, Brandi Elliott, Greg Schaberg, April Drennan, Alicia Casey, Lauren Fletcher
​Softball Fieldhouse​ ​SBFH ​34 ​Patti Townsend, Jennifer McKibben
Student Union, 1st floor, DSS ​SU ​35 ​Judy Barnes
Student Union, 1st floor, Campus Life ​SU ​35 ​Doug Waddell, Shawn Couch, Wyntress Patterson
Student Union, 2nd floor, West ​SU ​35 ​Sharon Jefferson
Student Union, 2nd floor,​ East, Enrollment ​SU ​35 ​Sheri Rowland, Tammy Kinsey, Angela Herring, Janet Washington, Sharon Younker, Linda Inyang​
Student Union, 2nd floor,​ East, Financial Aid ​SU ​35 ​Bill Spiers, Louise Moss, Deloris Page-Robinson
Student Union, 2nd floor,​ East, Cashier ​SU ​35 ​Aprell Griffin, Brittnee Barfield
​Workforce Development ​WD ​38 ​John Chapin, Carol Easley
​History & Social Sciences Building ​HSS ​39 ​Mark Druash, Valarie Clements
​Computer Technology Building ​CT ​41 ​Kathleen Mellino, Jhenai Chandler
Advanced Manufacturing Training Center ​AMTC ​43 ​Bruce Batton, Quishaundra Bouie, Joe Gabovitz
Thomas University ​CIAT ​50 ​Rick Frazier, Irvine Leonard, Bill Milford, Jessica Hughes
Mailroom  ​MR ​55 ​Don Chambers, Eric Henderson


 On-Campus Venders

​Building Abbv.​ Captain​
​Follett Bookstore FB ​Bob Beeler, ​Barbara Cerni 
​Subwa​y ​SW Greg Schulteis​, Patrick Lubin
​McCormick's ​MC ​Scott McCormick, Kim McCormick
​Bianca's ​BS ​Brandon (Hakan) Egri, Elvin Iliyazov​
​Voltage Caf​é ​ ​VC ​Traci Heller, Muzy Nensey​

 Off-Campus Service Centers


Building Abbv.​ Captain​​
​​TCC Capi​tol Center ​TCCCC
Chris Burney
​Quincy House ​QH ​Roger Milton, Tyrone Smith
​Wakulla Center ​WC ​Bonnie Holub, Kathleen Mackie
​Ghazvini Center For Health Education ​GCHE ​Alice Neid, Gloria Mitchell, Veronica Forehand, Dianne Douglas, Michael Williams​

 Florida Public Safety Institute

Building​​ Abbv.​ ​# Captain​​
Defensive Tactics​​ ​DT ​1 ​Stephanie White, Phil Pitts
​Range ​R ​2 ​Mark Rominger, Dick Barnes
​Classroom ​C ​3 ​Bill Bierbaum, Andrea Blalock
Administration A ​4 ​Bill Bierbaum, Andrea Blalock
​Driving Track Portable DTP ​5 ​Dick Barnes
​Dining Facility DF ​8 ​Jenny Eason, Shelia Johnson
Dorm Annex ​DA ​9 ​Cheryl Faulk, Cina Wilson
Dorm Wing South ​DWS ​10 ​Cheryl Faulk, Cina Wilson
Dorm Wing North ​DWN ​11 Cheryl Faulk
Ammo and Mechanical Storage ​AMS ​12 ​Gregg Eastman, Rusty Pritchett
Ranges ​RS ​13 ​Mark Rominger, Dick Barnes
Houses ​H ​15 ​Mike Jackson, Rod Young
Contact Information

For more information contact the TCC Police Department by phone (850) 201-6100 or e-mail

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Mon - Fri

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