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​Course Withdrawal

Know the withdrawal deadline date for each session you are registered!

TCC has one withdrawal deadline, which is at the 67% point of mark in the term for each session. The withdrawal policy applies to all credit students, including distance learning students.


All students* have the capability to withdraw from a course or courses online through TCC Passport. Students should login to TCC Passport, select the Registration tab, then click on Add/Drop. It is important to read all warning messages carefully. A student can drop a course with 100% refund through the 5th day of the session. Beginning day 6 through the published withdrawal deadline for that session, the student may drop a course or courses but will receive a grade of 'W'. NOTE: The student deadline for withdrawal is the same date as the deadline instructors may assign an AW.


*The online option for withdrawal applies to all students and courses with the following exceptions:


Student Type: ​Athletes ​Paper withdrawal form requires approval of Rob Chaney, Athletic Director

High school dual enrolled students​


Paper withdrawal form requires approval of High School Counselor and one of the TCC Dual Enrollment Advisors
International students​

Paper withdrawal form requires approval of Betty Jensen, International Student Counselor​


Course type:​ 3rd Attempt​ In accordance with State Board of Education Rule 6A-14.0301, students are permitted a maximum of two withdrawals per course. They are not permitted to withdraw from a third attempt and must receive a grade.​


​Last (or only) course ​A student may not withdraw online from the last (or only) course on their schedule. Student must meet with an advisor to discuss implications of withdrawing from the institution. A paper withdrawal form is required and must bear the signature of an advisor. Students who are in distance learning programs/courses must contact the Distance Learning advisor for further assistance.

For the student and course types referenced above that require completion of the paper withdrawal form, forms are available in Admissions & Enrollment Services.

Fall 2015 Withdrawal Deadlines.pdfFall 2015 Withdrawal Deadlines.pdf

Spring 2016 Withdrawal Deadlines.pdfSpring 2016 Withdrawal Deadlines.pdf

Summer 2016 Withdrawal Deadlines.pdfSummer 2016 Withdrawal Deadlines.pdf

In accordance with State Board of Education Rule 6A-14.0301, students are permitted a maximum of two withdrawals per course.  Upon the third attempt, the student will not be permitted to withdraw and will receive a grade for that course.  


TCC faculty do not automatically withdraw students who stop attending classes. Students who stop attending without withdrawing will receive a grade of F unless the instructor has issued an Administrative Withdraw (AW). It is at each instructor's discretion whether or not to use the AW.


The AW may also be employed to remove student's from the class roster as a disciplinary measure imposed during student judicial hearings by action of the Vice President for Student Affairs. 

Withdrawal after Deadline

In certain circumstances, students may have grounds to appeal for a withdrawal after the established deadline. Students who miss the official withdrawal deadline and have documented circumstances warranting further consideration must go through an appeals process. Proving grounds for a withdrawal after deadline is as follows:


1. The student must complete the Enrollment Appeals form in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and provide appropriate documentation. All forms clearly state the acceptable parameters and/or conditions for an appeal. Appeals that do not meet these minimum criteria or are not supported by documentation will not be considered.

2. Withdrawal after deadline may be considered as a result of the following extenuating circumstances, provided that the student submits the required documentation supporting his/her inability to withdraw by the published deadline:

  • Serious illness (physical or psychological) or injury to the student
  • Death of a member of the student's immediate family that prohibits the student's return to class during the semester being considered (documentation for appeal must include proof of kinship.)
  • Serious illness (physical or psychological) or injury to a member of the student's immediate family resulting in the student's becoming the primary caregiver (documentation for appeal must include proof of kinship.)
  • Military orders and report date after the established withdrawal deadline and before the end of the semester
  • Natural disasters (e.g. hurricane or flood) affecting the student/immediate family

Withdrawal after deadline must be made within one year after the end of the term, unless the student was incapacitated during that time or there is a documented college error. Appeals are handled in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and decisions are made by the Enrollment Appeals

Contact Information

For more information contact Registrar by phone (850) 201-8555 or e-mail

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Mon - Fri

Located in Office of the Registrar
Student Union, 2nd Floor

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