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Bid Awards

The following awards have been approved by the TCC District Board of Trustees.
Failure to file a protest within the time prescribed in 120.57(3), Florida Statutes shall constitute a waiver of proceedings under Chapter 120, Florida Statutes.

2016 Bid Awards 



RFP 2016-02 - Financing of an Energy Performance Contract

Intent to Award Notice

VBS Intent to Award

2015 Bid Awards  

RFQ 2015-09 -  Legal Services
Intent to Award Notice
VBS Intent to Award
ITB 2015-07 - Lock Replacement Project
RFQ 2015-06 - Applications for Contractors Pre-Qualification
RFP 2015-04 - Food Services - Bay 105
ITB 2015-03 - Food Services
ITB 2015-02 - Wakulla Environmental Institute
RFP 2015-01 - Construction Manager Services

2014 Bid Awards  


RFP 2014-08 - Access Control and Security Systems 

Intent to Award 

VBS Intent to Award 


RFP 2014-07 - Network Cabling Installation & Services 

Intent to Award 

VBS Intent To Award  


RFP 2014-06 - Telephone and PRI Services 

Intent to Award Notice 

VBS Intent to Award 


RFQ 2014-05 - Application for Contractors Pre-Qualification  

RFP 2014-04 - Media Buyer Services
Intent to Award Notice
VBS Intent to Award  

RFP 2014-03 - Food Services

Intent to Award Notice.pdf

VBS Intent to Award.pdf


RFI 2014-02 - Workday Implementation and Integration Services 

Intent to Award Notice.pdf


RFQ 2014-01 - Architectural Services for Minor Construction 

Intent to Award Notice  

VBS Intent to Award.pdf

Previous 2013 Bid Awards  


RFQ 2013-04 - Architectural Services for the Wakulla Environmental Institute Building One
Intent to Award Notice
VBS Intent to Award


RFQ 2013-03 - Applications for Contractor Pre-Qualification
Intent to Award Notice
VBS Intent to Award  


RFQ 2013-01 - Athletics Charter Bus Services  

Intent to Award Notice  

VBS Intent to Award 


Previous 2012 Bid Awards

RFP 2012-09- Statewide Safety Belt Usage Survey
Intent to Award Notice.pdf
VBS Intent to Award.pdf 

RFQ 2012-07- Independent ERP System Consulting Services 
VBS No Award Notice.pdf

RFP 2012-06- Banking Services  
RFQ 2012-04 - Applications for Contractors Pre-Qualification  
RFP 2012-05- Construction Manager Services  
Intent to Award Notice.pdf
VBS Intent to Award.pdf  
RFP 2012-02- Residential Construction Mitigation Program Instructions  
***In compliance with section 120.57(3)(d), Florida statutes TCC will be holding a bid protest  
meeting relating to RFP 2012-02. It will be held in the Administrative Services Conference Room,  
Room 235 of the Hinson Administration Building, at 11:00 a.m. on Monday November 21, 2011.***  

Previous 2011 Bid Awards

ITB 2011-13- Pat Thomas Blvd Outdoor Lighting Improvements
**Intent to Award Notice** (pdf 269.56 kB)
**VBS Intent to Award** (pdf 299.37 kB)
RFP 2011-12- Residential Construction Mitigation Program Instructions
**Not Awarded-Will be Rebid**
RFP 2011-11- Three Integrated Manufacturing Training Workcell Sets with Integrated Robotic Workcell and Three Rapid Prototyping Machines
**Intent to Award Notice** (pdf 966.67 kB)
**VBS Intent to Award** (pdf 979.26 kB)
ITB 2011-10- Florida Public Safety Institute Chiller Replacement
**Intent to Award Notice** (pdf 334.55 kB)
**VBS Intent to Award** (pdf 288.20 kB)
ITB 2011-09- 15 KV Electrical Infrastructure Renovation Projects #3 & #4
**Intent to Award Notice** (pdf 324.85 kB)
**VBS Intent to Award** (pdf 298.33 kB)
RFP 2011-07- Bookstore Services for Main Campus
**Intent to Award Notice** (pdf 297.46 kB)
**VBS Intent to Award** (pdf 331.68 kB)
ITB 2011-06- Kitchen Renovations at the Florida Public Safety Institute
**Intent to Award Notice** (pdf 455.50 kB)
**VBS Intent to Award** (pdf 36.49 kB)
ITB 2011-05- Audio Visual Equipment & Installation for the Ghazvini Center for Healthcare Education
**Intent to Award Notice** (pdf 113.56 kB)
**VBS Intent to Award** (pdf 39.44 kB)
ITB 2011-04- Continuing Contract Architectural Services For the Florida Public Safety Institute and other Gadsden and Wakulla Sites
**Intent to Award Notice** (pdf 104.14 kB)
**VBS Intent to Award** (pdf 178.85 kB)
ITB 2011-03- Continuing Contract Architectural Services For the Main Campus and other Leon County Sites
**Intent to Award Notice** (pdf 104.75 kB)
**VBS Intent to Award** (pdf 177.46 kB)
RFQ 2011-02 - Legal Services for the District Board of Trustees
**Andrews, Crabtree, Knox & Andrews, LLP**
ITB 2011-01- GCHE Outdoor Furniture
**Intent to Award Notice** (pdf 87.13 kB)
**VBS Intent to Award** (pdf 65.03 kB)
Contact Information

For more information contact the Purchasing Department by phone (850) 201-8520 or e-mail

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Mon - Fri

Hinson Administration Building, Room 113

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