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Academy of Adjunct Professors (AP)

Adjunct Faculty who have been inducted into the Academy of Adjunct Professors demonstrate a high level of commitment to constantly enhancing and enriching student learning. TCC is grateful for the dedication and efforts of these adjuncts who go above and beyond to annually implement new methods and strategies along with participating in professional development activities to improve student achievement.
  • Certificate of Induction into the Academy of Adjunct Professors
  • Promotion to Adjunct Professor
  • Increase in pay to the Adjunct Professor rate as based on the current salary schedule
The Fine Print:
  • ​Your status as an Adjunct Professor does not guarantee your future employment at TCC.
In order to continue at the higher rate of pay, faculty members are expected to demonstrate a commitment to continued professional growth.
Annually, adjunct professors will need to meet with the Dean to discuss their Adjunct Professor Annual Proposal which includes goals, anticipated outcomes, methods of assessment, anticipated workshops. The proposal must be submitted through the portal and approved by the dean.
The Adjunct Professor will attend one workshop per fall and spring semester for a total of at least two workshops per year.  The workshop should be hosted by Center for Teaching, Learning and Leadership, Center for Distance Learning, or approved by the Dean for a discipline specific workshop.  As part of the Annual Assessment, the Adjunct Professor will reflect on their workshops.
Annually, the Adjunct Professor will submit an Adjunct Professor Annual Assessment Form to the Portal for Dean approval.
Contingencies – What happens if…
I am not offered a class to teach or I need to take a break from teaching at TCC?
Your status as an Adjunct Professor is placed on hold.  When you begin teaching at TCC again, you will pick up where you left off.  For example, if your assessment is typically due at the end of the spring semester and you weren’t teaching during a spring semester, but you did teach the following fall, during the fall semester you would be paid at the Adjunct Professor rate. You would continue implementing your proposal and you would attend at least one of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Leadership workshops, Center for Distance Learning workshops or a subject area workshop (approved by your dean).
Please let the Center for Teaching, Learning and Leadership know when you are not teaching and before you return to teaching so we can ensure that you are paid correctly.
I didn’t complete the workshops and/or the annual assessment?
You will lose your status as an Adjunct Professor and your salary will return to adjunct faculty pay.  In order to regain your status as an Adjunct Professor and be paid at that rate, during the next semester you teach, you will need to submit a proposal and assess that proposal at the end of the semester.  During the semester you will need to attend at least one of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Leadership workshop, Center for Distance Learning workshop or subject area workshops (approved by your dean).
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