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Faculty and Staff Publications

  • Faculty member John Pekins was published by the National Council of Teachers of English for his essay “Minimum Competency Testing in Florida and the K-12/College Disconnect” (2010). Read it here.
  • Faculty member Will Benedicks wrote an article recently published by Perspectives on History magazine for his essay titled “What Do I Do and Where Do I Go From Here? Mentoring at an Open Door Institution” (2012). Read it here.
  • Authors Jeanne Barker, Kathy Harvey, Maureen O’Neil and Judy Stewart teach Early Childhood Education at Tallahassee Community College and have just published a Resource Manual entitled: “Creating Curious Young Minds” (2013).   
  • Walker, J., Sampson, V., Grooms, J., Anderson, B., & Zimmerman, C. (2012). Argument-Driven Inquiry in undergraduate chemistry labs: The impact on students’ conceptual understanding, argument skills, and attitudes towards science. Journal of College Science Teaching, 41(4), 82-89.
  • Walker, J., Sampson, V., Zimmerman, C., & Grooms, J. (2011). A performance-based assessment for limiting reactants. Journal of Chemical Education, 88(8), 1243-1246.
  • Walker, J., Sampson, V., & Zimmerman, C. (2011) Argument-Driven Inquiry: An introduction to a new instructional model for use in undergraduate chemistry labs. Journal of Chemical Education, 88(8), 1048-1056
  • Sampson, V., Enderle, P. and Walker J. (2011). The development and validation of the Assessment of Scientific Argumentation in the Classroom (ASAC) observation protocol: A tool for evaluating how students participate in scientific argumentation. M. Kline (Ed.), Perspectives in Scientific Argumentation: Theory, Practice and Research.
  • Sampson, V. and Walker, J. (2011). Writing to learn by learning to write in science: Aninitial test of the Argument-Driven Inquiry instructional model in an undergraduate chemistry laboratory course. To appear in the International Journal of Science Education.
  • Walker, J. and Sampson, V. (2013). Learning to argue and arguing to learn: Argument-Driven Inquiry as a way to help undergraduate chemistry students learn how to construct arguments and engage in argumentation during a laboratory courses.  Submitted to the Journal for Research in Science Teaching.
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