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TCC : Faculty/Staff : Center for Teaching, Learning and Leadership : Second Year Faculty Presentations 2008-2009
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Second Year Faculty Presentations 2008-2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Title: The Disenchanted and Discouraged: Strategies for Engaging and Retaining TCC’s Diversity of Learners

Presenters: Dr. Sakeenah Sadrud-Din, Jeffrey Coleman, and Sherry Lohmeyer

In any given community college class, students begin each semester with a variety of preconceptions, experiences, and levels of preparedness. For every student who may find the curriculum daunting, there is another who may find it pedestrian. The presenters will discuss instructional and college-wide initiatives that effectively reach three, often marginalized types of learners: the capable but disillusioned student, the African American male student, and the over-anxious, “can’t see the forest through the trees” student.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Title: Igniting a Hunger for Learning through Real World Applications

Presenters: Greg Loyd, Laura O'Riorden, Eddy Stringer, and Jennifer Zimmerman

“What does this stuff have to do with my major?” We’ve all been faced with capturing the interest of students who do not understand the benefit of taking a particular course. The presenters will examine how they attempt to captivate their students in the areas of biology, nutrition, mathematics, and English by demonstrating how the skills students learn in these classes will benefit their lives and future careers.

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Title: Addressing Different Pathways of Learning through Diverse Teaching Styles

Presenters: Melissa Damelio, Kermit Harrison, Kalynda Holton and Shayn Lloyd

The community college is not a one size fits all educational system. From the 16 year old home schooled student to returning grandmothers, our student population is very diverse. Professors must utilize multiple instructional strategies to meet the needs of our ever changing community college family. The aim of our presentation is to address the diverse needs of our students from a global developmental aspect through innovative instructional strategies.

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