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TCC : Faculty/Staff : Center for Teaching, Learning and Leadership : Second Year Faculty Presentations 2009-2010
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Second Year Faculty Presentations 2009-2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

Title: How to Help Our Students Become Successful in College: Teaching New Vocabulary

Presenters: Patrick McDermott, Steve Panton, and Maria Rodriguez

Knowledge of our students, awareness of their reality and certainty of their needs are indispensable elements to impart successful educational formation. Techniques such as the survey attempts to stimulate professor's curiosity in reference to their actual knowledge about our students. Knowing our student's background, habits, idiosyncrasy, daily routine and needs will facilitate the utilization of adequate vocabulary, the introduction of more complex words and the practice of didactic techniques to complete the learning process. This is why we study the background, explore knowledge through the survey and implement techniques once the previous steps have been completed.

Find additional resources here:

Video Recording
Powerpoint Presentation 
Handout: Fast Facts 2009
Handout: How to Help Our Students Become Successful in College
Handout: Who Goes to TCC?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Title: iTeaching: Facilitating Engaged Learning with Technology

Presenters: Jon Berryman, Robert Fleischmann, and Raksha Patel

The ever increasing popularity of the iPhone and other handheld devices has created a demand to provide course access beyond the traditional classroom. Through the use of Apps and iTunes U files, students become active and engaged learners, while faculty discover new and innovative ways to enhance their roles as facilitators of education. Whether in the classroom or over great distances, these innovative technologies will expand the possibilities of our learning communities. Please bring your cell phones.

Find additional resources here:

Video Recording

Powerpoint Presentation

Handout: iTeaching Facilitating Engaged Learning with Technology

Handout: Team Awesome1 Handout


Title: What's Ponzi Got to Do With It?: A Multidisciplinary Case Study Using Learning Communities to Improve Critical Thinking

Presenters: Amy Bentley, Braze Brickwedel, and Brian Kupfer

Extensive research has pointed to the benefit of learning communities in improving the critical thinking skills of students. We decided to test this theory through a linked assignment learning community focusing on a recent Ponzi scheme. Accounting, communications, and political science students were given the opportunity to explore the case from the different angles of their respective disciplines and present their findings. We then interviewed the students about their perception about how this exercise helped them apply knowledge they had learned in the classroom to a real world scenario. Come find out what they thought and how you can apply similar strategies to your classroom.

Video Recording
Powerpoint Presentation

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