General Key Information

  • The purpose of controlling access to College Facilities and Property is to provide a safe working environment for College personnel, a safe learning environment for students and guests, and to provide security for College, staff and student property.
  • Key(s), FOB(s) (for Center For Innovation & Gated Parking Lots) and ID Cards should only be issued to authorized Tallahassee Community College (TCC) personnel, leases of College facilities, and authorized contractors.
  • Keys will be issued to authorized employees of the College through the Facilities Office. Duplicate keys shall not be made except by authorized Facilities Office Staff.
  • Only an authorized department supervisor, executive assistant, office manager and/or delegate can submit a customer request in the AiM system to authorize keys for personnel. Employee’s may not request their own keys.
  • Employees may be authorized to receive keys to their offices and to the building in which they are located. Employees may also be issued keys to specialized areas upon approval from the appropriate Vice President.
  • Keys will be prepared and held for 30 days, after which, the keys will be returned to inventory. In the event this happens, the requestor will need to submit another AiM customer request for key(s).
  •  A key may not be transferred to or used by other persons other than the individual to whom the key has been issued. A lost key should be reported immediately to the Facilities Office.
  • Upon termination of employment with the College, all keys issued to the employee must be returned to the Facilities Office before their final paycheck is released.
  • Responsibility for College access control is maintained by the below three departments within the Division of Administrative Services:
    • Key(s) & FOB(s) for Main Campus Gated Parking Lots – Facilities Department(Requested via AiM ticket)
    • ID Requests/Card(s) & C-CURE (card swipe) Access – Campus Police (Requested via AiM ticket)
    • FOB(s) for Center For Innovation (CFI) – Purchasing Department (Requested via Email –

Key Procedures and Instructions

Step 1 Initiate the Request Process

To initiate the request process, the authorized department supervisor/executive assistant/office manager/delegate will submit a customer request in the AiM system with the appropriate Problem Code:

(a) “KEY REQUESTS” for traditional Keys

(b) “KEY FOBS” for Main Campus Gated Parking Lots - PLEASE NOTE: There is a one-time non-refundable cost of $35.00 per Parking FOB. Exceptions include Executive positions, Campus Police/ Safety Officers, and Facilities Equipment Mechanic. Employee may submit an AiM request for their own Main Campus Gate FOB.

(c) “ID REQUEST” for new or replacement ID Cards

(d) “C-CURE ACCESS” for Swipe Access


Step 2 Prepare the Keys

After receipt of the AiM customer request, Facilities staff will prepare the key(s) and/or FOB(s) and will notify the requestor when the work order is complete and ready for pick up. The requestor should then inform the Staff and/or Faculty member(s) that their order is ready for pick up at one of the locations as noted below:

(1) Key(s) & FOB(s) for Main Campus Gated Parking Lots – Facilities Office - Facilities (FAC) Building #54, 2nd Floor

(2) FOB(s) for Center For Innovation (CFI) – Purchasing Department – Administration (AD) Building #27, 1st Floor

(3) ID Requests/Card(s) & C-CURE (card swipe) Access – Campus Police - Centre (CB) Building #09, 2nd Floor


Step 3 Picking up Keys

When picking up keys, personnel will need to provide a TCC ID or another official picture ID. The contractor, faculty, and/or staff member will be required to sign for the Key(s) and/or FOB(s) upon receipt. For the TCC leases, the lease/contract administrator will pick up all keys for affected building(s)/room(s).

Step 4 Return Keys

IMPORTANT: Keys must be returned to the Facilities Office upon termination of employment/lease/contract. Returns can be in person or by using the drop boxes located outside Support Services (SS) building #17 or Maintenance and Facilities (FAC) building #54.


Lost or Stolen Keys/Fobs

Extreme care should be taken to prevent the loss of a key since this may require changing several locks and replacing all keys to a facility. If keys are lost or stolen, the Facilities Office must be notified immediately, and the below actions should be taken. Individuals who have LOST key(s), CFI FOB(s) or Access Card(s) WILL BE charged the following fees:

$25.00 (twenty-five dollars) per traditional room Key, Access Card or CFI FOB

$50.00 (fifty dollars) per Master key

Individuals who have STOLEN key(s), CFI FOB(s) or Access Cards, will not be charged the lost key fees IF a valid police report is submitted with the key disposition form.

Step 1 Submit Work Request

The appropriate AiM user must submit a work request, using problem code “LOSS OF KEY(S)” indicating which key(s) have been lost or stolen.

IF LOST or STOLEN w/NO POLICE REPORT - a Key Disposition Form and Invoice will be generated for signatures and final processing.

If STOLEN with POLICE REPORT – Please email a copy of the Police Report to referencing the above AiM Work order submitted for stolen key(s). A Key Disposition Form will be generated for signatures and final processing.  

Step 2 Pay Invoice

The invoiced fees should be paid (cash or check) at the Cashier’s office, located on the 2nd floor of the Student Union (SU) building #35 and the paid receipt for invoice should be emailed to .

Step 3 Request Replacement

If Replacement key(s) and/or FOB(s) are desired, a new customer request must be submitted in AiM requesting such key(s) and/or FOB(s).

Please Note

Replacement keys will not be issued until the invoice has been paid and the receipt emailed to Facilities. Damaged or obsolete ID CARDS should be directed to and maintained by Campus Police. There is no fee for a Lost/Stolen Main Campus Parking Gate FOB, but employees must pay the initial $35.00 (thirty-five dollars) again if a replacement is desired and a new work request must be submitted in AiM.