Mobile Home Tie-Down Program

Application for Mobile Home Tie-Down Program

The MHTDP is funded through the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Trust Fund from the State of Florida.  The program involves the enhancement of the tie-down and anchoring system of your home. The program does not intend to bring existing mobile homes up to code but to make the home as wind resistant as funding, physical characteristics and condition of premises permit.

This program is at NO COST to the participant. Skirting removal and re-installation services for the tie-downs are provided also by the program. The program is designated for those homes built the year 1999 and prior, before the manufacturing and installation requirements changed due to the number of Hurricanes and Wind Storms experienced here in Florida.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Contracts and Grants at 850-201-7970 or

Due to the popularity of this program there is an extensive waiting list. The current estimate is that parks and individuals will have between three to five years from the time of registration until services are provided.