TCC Heroes in Public Safety Celebration

Heroes in Public Safety Program

For many in public safety in the Big Bend, the road to their public safety career included study at Tallahassee Community College – the Florida Public Safety Institute (FPSI) and the Ghazvini Center for Health Care Education. FPSI houses the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy and the Tallahassee Fire Academy. It also offers programs for correction officers, security officers, telecommunications, and an on-line criminal justice online program. Specialty training programs include DUI and traffic safety training and mine safety and health training. The Ghazvini Center offers courses for Emergency Management Training (EMT).

As part of Tallahassee Community College’s unending support for our men and women in public safety, we are honoring those individuals who have made significant impact in this sector. In doing so, we have created a Heroes of Public Safety Recognition Program for those TCC alums who have graduated from one of our programs. 

This year’s Program will include a Public Safety Conference, Awards Banquet, and a Public Safety Day.

The Public Safety Conference will be held face-to-face the week of January 31st, leading up to the Public Safety Banquet and Public Safety Day. 

Lifetime Achievement honorees, Hall of Fame inductees and Chris Connell Merit Award winners will be recognized at the Banquet held in their honor on Friday, February 4th, 2022. The Public Safety Day will take place on the following day, February 5th, at the Florida Public Safety Institute. Here, attendees will learn about the range of public safety professions while enjoying exhibits, food, and live music.