Publication and Advertising Development Process

It is important that Tallahassee Community College’s printed materials present an image consistent with the high quality of the College's faculty, students, and programs. As stewards of TCC’s graphic identity, the Communications and Marketing Office is in the best position to design publications that meet this objective.

Therefore, all publications and advertisements whether for an internal or an external audience, that carry the name or logo of TCC should be developed in consultation with the Communications and Marketing Office, in accordance with the TCC Publication and Advertisement Development Process.

Exceptions which do not require design and/or editorial approval include:

  • ​Materials produced by student organizations not bearing the TCC logo
  • Routine forms
  • Scholarly publications
  • Classroom handouts
  • Internal correspondence
  • Internal reports

​In-House Publications and Advertisements ​

​All proposed publications and advertisements must be approved by the appropriate department head ​or Vice President prior to requesting a publication to be produced.


​Projects are worked on in the order that they are received. If you have a deadline please, allow for the following:

  • Two weeks for text development and publication design (this may vary based on the scope of the project and workload).
  • Printing should be com​plete within two weeks after the final print proof has been received and approved by the client.
  • Please note that the process may b​​e delayed if the department requesting the publication does not return proofs in a timely manner. 

Initial Contact​

The Department requesting a publication should designate one person to work with the Communications Office, and e-mail information to The Communications Office will respond within two business days to set up a creative session to discuss the publication concept.​ 

Creative Session 

​The creative session will cover three basic areas:

  • General requirements - The Communications Office will explain the production process, discuss concepts for the publication or advertisement and suggest options based on your stated goals.
  • Text - If the text needs to be developed, the Communications Office and the representative will discuss who will be responsible. Typically the department requesting the project will provide the content and the Communications Office will help polish the written material.
  • Layout - If the department has a new layout concept for consideration, the Communications office will review at this time to make sure the layout of the publication aligns with other TCC publications. Departments are not encouraged to lay out publications in any format – unformatted Word documents are the preferred format for content submission to the Communications Office.​

Proof Design

​Working with the department representative, our team will edit your text according to the AP Style Guide and the TCC Style Guide. Communications Office graphic designers will blend text with concept to create a layout consistent with TCC standards.​

Review and Approval

​The department representative will be given text and design proofs. The representative should share the proof with all needed persons in the department.

When the review of the proof is complete the representative will deliver to the Communications Office one printout of the publication with marked changes or an e-mail with noted changes. Phone calls to request changes will not be accepted.

The revised or second proof will be sent to the representative. The proof process described above will be repeated until there are no other changes requested. In order to function as efficiently as possible the proofing process should be limited to two proofs with the third edits being final. 

Final Review and P​rinting

​The Communications Office will review the publication or ad before it goes to the printer or advertising venue.
The Graphic Designer will check the printer’s proof for any design issues; the department requesting the publication or ad will be responsible for checking the text. Any needed reprints of the publication will be paid for by the department that requested the publication.

Outsourced Official TCC Publications​

If a department chooses to outsource marketing or communications projects, and has funds to do so, the outside vendor, the requesting department and the Communications Office should begin the project with a creative session. The department will work with the Communications Office throughout the process to ensure that the materials aligns with other TCC publications and advertisements and that the vendor meets all of TCC’s requirements (intellectual property rights, TCC style guide usage, etc.)