President's Commission on Race and Equity

About the Commission

A proud graduate of TCC class of 2016TCC stands against hate, racism and prejudice – things that do not have a place on our campus or in our community. Racial discrimination and injustice are consistent threats to our society, and the anxiety, fear and pain they create is real.

Equity and diversity are embedded into the fibers of our institution, and we hold these close to us in all of our
interactions. As a united community of students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends, TCC puts responsibility on all
those affiliated with the College to demonstrate these values.

Together, we must do our part to advance equity and improve outcomes for all students.


President Jim Murdaugh created the President's Commission on Race & Equity during the summer of 2020 in order to develop specific and actionable recommendations that will cultivate a deeper understanding of TCC's diverse college community and create a learning environment that fosters student success and completion for all our students.


Ensure TCC is the ‘Employer of Choice’ by advancing racial equity in all campus environments. 

Ensure TCC is the ‘College of Choice’ for our students by providing opportunities that help close the achievement gap for our black students and educate all students on issues of race and equity.

Ensure TCC is the 'Partner of Choice' by engaging community leaders and stakeholders in focused conversations on racial issues including equality, inclusion, race relations and other areas affecting underrepresented populations.

Equity at TCC

Tallahassee Community College is committed to improving equity by deliberately ensuring justice and fairness within the procedures and processes of the college, as well as in its distribution of resources. Equity is the practice that begins by acknowledging that advantages and barriers exist and that personal or social circumstances, such as protected class or intersecting identities, are not obstacles to achieving one’s goals.

Institutional Definition of Equity, Established March 25, 2021