What is a Micro-Credential?

A micro-credential is a competency-based recognition based on the demonstration of mastery in a specific subject area. As the workforce constantly evolves, there are new skills needed to meet the demands of changing industries.  Micro-credentials address this demand through coursework that is strategically designed to focus on relevant skills for industry jobs.

How is a Micro-Credential different than a Degree or Certificate program?

Program Length: Can be earned as quickly as one semester. Micro-credential programs are often 9 to 15 credit hours; whereas, certificate and associate degree programs range from 12-72Mic credit hours take over one to three years. 

Subject Area(s): A micro-credential is designed to cover specific skills, resulting in the need for relevant course work on a specific subject area in a shortened period of time.    

Cost (Tuition & Fees): Like the coursework, the tuition for a micro-credential is trimmed down to just the cost of the course and related books and fees.  

Digital Badge: Students who complete a micro-credential will earn a digital badge to highlight core competencies and skills that employers search for on resumes, LinkedIn pages, and other social media channels. Below is an example of the digital badges that are offered at Tallahassee Community College:

TranscriptsMicro-credentials also generate an official college transcript that documents their earned academic credit. 

Transfer: The result of micro-credentials includes academic college credit. This credit is transferable and can be applied toward additional academic degrees in the future: 

  • TCC associate degrees and certificates
  • Transfer programs (TCC2FAMU, TCC2FSU, and Flagler College)
  • Most colleges and universities nationwide

Micro-Credential Courses

Business Analyst Micro-Credential

ENC 2210 Technical Writing 3 Credit Hours
CGS 2540 Database Concepts 3 Credit Hours
ETI 1110 Quality Assurance 3 Credit Hours
MKA 2701 Visual Informatics 3 Credit Hours
ISM 2200 Applied Business Analytics 3 Credit Hours
GEB 2100 Introduction to Business Analytics 3 Credit Hours

Social & Diversity Awareness Micro-Credential

AMH 2091     Introduction to African American History 3 Credit Hours
SYG 2230 Race and Minority Group Relations 3 Credit Hours
SOP 2780 Psychology of the African American Experience 3 Credit Hours


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