The Campaign for TCC

The Campaign for TCC is so important to TCC’s mission. Each year, our donations have been put to work, to continue the growth of our college. We are making a difference in student scholarships, faculty programming, upgrading college facilities, and supporting Eagle Relief. Thank you to everyone who has supported The Campaign for TCC in the past. This year our Ask is the same. Please Get involved with our TCC Family.

Make An Impact



Campus Investments

Eagle Relief


The TCC Foundation awarded more than $724,000 to assist 1,000+ students in the 2021-2022 academic year.


The Foundation has awarded more than $250,000 through the College Innovation Fund. All faculty, staff, and students can apply to receive funding for any projects benefitting TCC. 

Campus Investments

The Foundation has recently funded renovations for 50 classrooms, four Art Studios, the Dr. Lei Wang STEM Center, the Pankowski Family Honors Lounge and the Wayne & Betty Edwards Family Baseball Field House.

Eagle Relief

The Foundation has given more than $63,000 for food and laptops to Eagle Relief, a monetary aid initiative for students experiencing unexpected hardship. 

A Gift for You


 In Appreciation of Your Annual Donation to The Campaign for TCC  
  TCC 1% Club Membership A gift of 1% of your annual salary. Members will receive a TCC 1% Club pin and a commemorative gift.    
  Pacesetters Make your President’s Circle (a minimum gift of $1,000) gift before the Eagles RISE kick-off and receive your commemorative gift.    
  TCC Coffee Mug A gift of $25 or more  
  TCC Water Bottle A gift of $5 per month  
  8-Hour Leave A gift of $10 per month  
  Weekly Drawing Entry An annual gift of $80 or more  
  TCC Traveling Trophy The Division or Department to reach 100% participation first will earn the coveted TCC Traveling Trophy and photo with President Murdaugh.  

TCC Students Share Appreciation

  • "The amount of resources that is provided to students on campus."
  • "Within a few weeks of class, my professors will know me by name and I can always receive individual help."
  • "All of my teachers were very helpful and kind and wanted me to do my best, so they were willing to work with me to get there."
  • "I wouldn't change anything!"
  • "I made a lot of great friends, and it was refreshing to go to a school where everyone was eager to learn and do well."
  • "Excellent professors and great staff."
  • "I enjoy my school because everything they have to offer."
  • "The variety of different classroom options, such as web-based classes. These different settings allow me to balance school and work."
  • " It's a great school. It is easy to find buildings and locations. Staff are a great help and not to mention the study area is amazing."
  • "TCC has passionate teachers who enjoy what they do."

10 Reasons You Should Give


It's good for your health!



Be part of something bigger.



Set a powerful example to others.



Build a better TCC.



It's tax deductible.



Leave a lasting legacy.



Choose how your gift impacts TCC.



Receive cool incentives.



Our students!



It just feels good!


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