ONE Week: May 3 to May 7 ||  A week of Eagle spirit

ONE College: Tallahassee Community College || Top 10 College in the Nation

ONE Goal: Supporting student success || Will you be ONE donor?


TCC’s Alumni & Friends Association’s ONE Campaign is an opportunity for alumni and friends of the College to show their school spirit. Each year, our week-long ONE Campaign focuses on supporting students who pass through TCC doors on their way to becoming their best self. Your ONE donations have supported classroom renovations, first-generation scholarships, arts programs & honored graduates. 2021’s ONE Campaign will go to work for TCC Athletics! 

2021 marks the 30th Anniversary of TCC Athletics. It’s the perfect time to show our school spirit and support our student-athletes, coaches, facilities, and the entire Athletic Department team through the ONE Campaign.

The ONE campaign will give you a glimpse into why TCC has been named Top 10 in the Nation, how awesome our TCC athletics programs are, and how much school spirit our Alumni & Friends have. We hope you will join us in the journey to show TCC is not only top 10--we are truly #1!


Go Eagles!

Campaign Goal - Student Success

TCC Eagle Graphic

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