Student Scholarship Process

All students who would like to be considered for a scholarship award must first create a scholarship account, which gives access to the online scholarship application. Students only need to submit one application for the academic year of which they are enrolled, a new application will need to be submitted for the following academic year.

Once an application is submitted, please be aware the following:

Confirmation of Submission

An email confirmation will be sent to the address the applicant uses to create their scholarship account. If an email confirmation is not received confirming receipt of an application, then the application has not yet been submitted.

All communication regarding scholarship applications and/or awarding can only be discussed with the applicant and will be sent by email to the address associated with the applicant's scholarship account. For first time applicants who are creating a new account and who have a TCC email address, it is advised to use this email address. For all applicants, it is important that you remember your account user name and password to avoid setting up more than one scholarship account.

Selection Process

At the close of each application cycle date the committee recipient selection process will occur. Once this is complete, only applicants who have been selected to receive a scholarship award will be sent an award notification email according to the dates posted on the awarding calendar.

If an applicant does not receive an award notification email on the posted notification date, it may be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • The application was never submitted.
  • The application was submitted after the submission deadline date for the current awarding cycle.
  • The applicant has multiple scholarship accounts and may be monitoring the wrong email address for an award notification email.
  • The applicant was not selected to receive a scholarship.

Award Acceptance

Applicants who receive an award notification email must login into their scholarship account and formally accept their award, as well as submit a Donor Thank You Letter by the posted submission deadline date.

Once recipients have completed the requirements of their scholarship acceptance process, the TCC Financial Aid Office will post scholarship awards directly to the recipient's TCC student account. The award amount is applied directly to any balance due for the upcoming semester.

Award Cancelation

Cancelation of a recipient's award is possible and may occur for any of the following reasons:

  • The recipient did not login to their scholarship account and formally accept their award and/or did not submit a donor thank you letter by the posted letter submission deadline date.
  • The recipient did not enroll at TCC for the semester the award is being given.
  • The recipient's eligibility status changed.