ONE Week: May 3 to May 7 ||  A week of Eagle spirit

ONE College: Tallahassee Community College || Top 10 College in the Nation

ONE Goal: Supporting student success || Will you be ONE donor?


TCC’s Alumni & Friends Association’s ONE Campaign is an opportunity for alumni and friends of the College to show their school spirit. Each year, our week-long ONE Campaign focuses on supporting students who pass through TCC doors on their way to becoming their best selves. Your ONE donations have supported classroom renovations, first-generation scholarships, arts programs & honored graduates. 2023’s ONE Campaign will go to work for TCC Athletics! 

The ONE campaign will give you a glimpse into why TCC has been named Top 10 in the Nation, how awesome our TCC athletics programs are, and how much school spirit our Alumni & Friends have. We hope you will join us in the journey to show TCC is not only in the top 10--we are truly #1!


Go Eagles!

Campaign Goal - Student Success

TCC Eagle Graphic

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