Services We Offer

To assist you in entering the teaching profession, we can provide guidance as to the fastest and easiest way to get you from where you are now into teaching in a Florida classroom.  The Florida Troops to Teachers office will provide you with assistance/guidance on navigating the Florida teacher certification system and assist you finding a full-time position.

 As you start this career transition some of the processes and information will seem confusing and at times over whelming, similarly to when you started your military career.  In this regard, we are here to make your career transition easier for you.  The Florida Troops to Teachers office is your one-stop-shop for entering a career in the teaching profession.  We will provide you a Career Transition Plan tailored to you based on your current situation.  This plan outlines a step by step process and will make your transition a smoother process.

DoD was moving to sunset the Troops to Teachers but Congress reauthorized the program with the passage of the FY22 National Defense Authorization Act. If you are not interested in teaching in Florida complete the Program Interest Form to ensure you are made aware of any program updates, and if the state in which you are interested in teaching has a Troops to Teachers office, the program representative will contact you.

 If you are interested in teaching in Florida complete the information below and we will provide you your individualized Career Transition Plan for entering the teaching profession in Florida.



If you have question contact us at (850) 201-8320 or