Environmental Stewardship

The Florida Public Safety Institute ethic embodies responsible planning and management of environmental resources.

Forest Management

The Institute sits on almost 1,500 acres of rolling land in Gadsden County.  In an effort to insure good stewardship of that land, the College has engaged a consultant firm that employs Certified Foresters and Certified Wildlife Biologists to develop and manage a forest management plan that comprehensively accounts for timber, wildlife, unique vegetative communities, aesthetics, future construction and development plans, access, and buffering with surrounding property owners while producing positive cash flow through the careful, planned harvesting of planted timber over time.​

Green Lodging

The Florida Green Lodging Program is a voluntary initiative of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) that designates and recognizes lodging facilities that make a commitment to conserve and protect Florida’s natural resources.

The Florida Public Safety Housing, Inc. (PSAH) operates a 200-room housing facility at the Institute to provide on-site participant housing in support of the Institute's various training programs.  In an effort to hold down operating expenses while increasing the responsible management of public resources, the PSAH sought recognition as a "Green Lodging" facility from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Lead Management on Shoot Ranges

Several years ago the Institute implemented a series of strategies to assess the impact and manage the migration of lead from its existing shooting ranges.  These strategies were shaped after a careful review of geologic maps to assess drinking water sources, hydrologic maps to assess drainage patterns on and surrounding shooting ranges, soil maps to assess soil properties that affect the migration lead in the soil, wetland maps to determine any potential impact of lead into wetlands, and topographic maps to determine site elevations, drainage, and dissipation on the property.  This effort led to a series of steps to improve the existing drainage collection system, reduce surface water runoff velocity, and assess the lead parameters found in water runoff.  Today, the Institute monitors lead migration using three experimental ponds behind the earthen berms of its "dirty" ranges.  In addition, the Institute has implemented "clean" ranges where only lead-free, non-toxic ammunition is permitted for use by agency personnel using the ranges.

FPSI Lead-Free Letter

Lighting and Electronics Recycling and Disposal

The Florida Public Safety Institute has contracted with Veolia Environmental Services (Veolia ES) for the disposal of spent lighting and electronic equipment.  Veolia ES manages the recycling, disposal, and destruction of the Institute's industrial and consumer batteries, mercury containing lamps, and other lighting and equipment as required at its fully permitted processing facilities.