Criminal Justice Online

An Online Degree Program for Working Criminal Justice Professionals

Sheriff on boat with helicopter flying overheadIf you are a criminal justice professional, this convenient opportunity to take online classes can advance your education and your career. Through TCC Online, you can earn an Associate of Science degree in Criminal Justice from TCC.

Designed to accommodate working professionals, the program rewards you for your previous training and experience. The 64-credit hour degree can typically be earned in eight semesters. However, you will receive 15 hours of credit for the Florida Basic Recruit Training credential you already hold, so you’ll need only 49 more credit hours to earn the A.S. degree.

In addition to professional development and possible career advancement, criminal justice professionals who complete an associate degree are eligible for a salary incentive of $30 per month. An associate degree can also open the door to a four-year degree program.

Some students may qualify for a tuition reimbursement program through their local criminal justice agency.

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Let your experience help you earn a degree. Learn more about the program requirements and credit for current Law Enforcement Officers.

Criminal Justice Online FAQs

If I am an out-of-state police officer who graduated from an academy outside of Florida, can I get credit for graduating?

In many cases, the answer is yes. Yet to obtain coursework credit for your academy or work experience you will have to explore eligibility through the portfolio process.

  1. Students should complete the Steps to Apply to TCC before attempting to enter the criminal justice portfolio process. This includes applying to Tallahassee Community College and being accepted into the A.S. in Criminal Justice Technology degree program.
  2. Students who are graduates of an approved Florida Police Academy may choose to use the portfolio process for only the following courses: Criminal Law (CJL2100), The Court System (CJL-1500) & Justice Administration (CCJ2452). Students who are officers from out-of-state and graduated from an academy outside of Florida, may choose from courses within the "program courses" for the portfolio process. Remember: Students should determine which TCC classes you would like to receive portfolio credit for. No more than 25% (16 credit hours) of the total credit hours required for your program may be awarded through this process. General Education courses such as english, mathematics, humanities, social science or science cannot be earned through experiential credit.
  3. Decide whichLearningCounts portfolio course you want to sign up for. See the two options.
  4. Register.

For more information, speak to a LearningCounts Specialist

Any initial questions and an initial review of eligibility for this process can be emailed to

As a certified law enforcement officer in Florida, can I receive credit for courses using work experience?

Yes, the steps are laid out in the portfolio process (see above question) for receiving credit for work experience.​

Are there any requirements when taking online courses at Tallahassee Community College?

Yes, please visit TCC Online for more information.​

Is Financial Aid Available?

Yes, learn more about Financial Aid here.

How much college credit will I receive for my Florida law enforcement academy?

You will receive 15 credit hours and the following are the list of courses already pre-determined:

  • CCJ-1020 Criminal Justice System (3)
  • CJE 1000 Law Enforcement (3)
  • CJL 2130 Criminal Evidence & Procedure (3)
  • CJE 2600 Criminal Investigation (3)
  • CJE 2640 Crime Scene Investigation (3)

Am I able to get credit for other college classes I have already taken somewhere other than TCC?

Yes​. Students who have attended another college or university are considered transfer students. These students must submit official transcripts from all colleges previously attended prior to registration with TCC.

TCC welcomes transfer students from other accredited colleges and universities. Transfer credit will be evaluated as to comparability in character, quantity and quality of courses offered by TCC. Evaluation of transfer credit will involve three primary considerations:

  • The educational quality of the learning experience that the student seeks to transfer.
  • The comparability of the nature, content and level of credit earned to that offered by TCC.
  • The appropriateness and applicability of the credit earned compared to the programs offered by TCC in light of the student’s educational goals.

Find more information about Transfer Students here.

What are the steps for starting this program at TCC?

You can view the general Steps to Apply or the program detail page to get started.