WEI Greenhouse frame during constructionPrograms include a variety of agricultural professional training. Our classes are designed to train experienced and inexperienced farmers in a variety of fields, including permaculture, small-plot farming, and smart farming.

Sustainable Small Plot Farming and EntrepreneurshipTraining Program

Registration opens July 31st

In this 12-week course, participants will learn how to start and operate a small-farm business. Instruction will include online classes paired with hands-on demonstrations and learning opportunities.

Coursework covers growing methods, crop management, marketing, business financing, sustainability, and more. Live instruction will take place at local urban/small farms and at the Wakulla Environmental Institute for hands-on training. Virtual coursework (entrepreneurship training) will be conducted via ZOOM.

Courses will run from September 14, 2024, through December 7, 2024. (excluding spring break weekend).

Course fee: $500.00 Scholarships Available 
Course Code: CWE0002-#

Class Meetings: Every Saturday, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m., every other Wednesday, 6 .p.m. - 7:30 p.m. (zoom).


Drone flying over crops in a fieldSmart Farming

Coming Soon

Students can expect training in precision agriculture using unmanned vehicle systems and other technologies.

Industry Certification Courses

Coming Soon

Coursework in Agricultural Education Services & Technology (AEST) industry-certified workforce training. Including:

Natural Resources Specialist: The study of the management, improvement, and conservation practices of ecosystems, agroecosystems, soil, water, air, wildlife, wetlands and forests.

Agritechnology Specialist: The study of environmental resource conservation and management, plant growth and reproduction, animal systems and livestock management, along with mechanics and business, with an emphasis on applications to agriculture, food and natural resource systems.

Agriculture Associate: The study of fundamental principles of agriscience safety, scientific and technical procedures, environmental science, food safety, plant and animal sciences applied to agriculture, and food and natural resource systems.