WEI Programs

WEI offers programs that promote education, conservation and recreation through hands-on activities, practical experiences and online coursework. Students will learn how to:

  • Apply fundamental concepts in the biological, chemical and physical sciences
  • Collect, analyze and calculate data related to natural environments
  • Operate and calibrate laboratory and field instruments to analyze environmental water systems, sediment and soils, flora and fauna
  • Better understand the complex and diverse ecosystem we live in

Green Guides​

Year-round programming for participants of all ages who are interested in learning more about the incredible environmental features found in around our region, one of the five richest biodiversity hotspots in North America.

Oyster Aquaculture Certificate

A unique program that trains students in the emerging oyster-farming industry.


This cutting-edge 6-week program allows students to hone their flying skills, learn skills needed to pass the part 107 exam and get hands-on flying time with a quad copter.

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