DBOT April Student Spotlight: Abigail Strickland

April 17, 2019

Abigail Strickland poses with the District Board of Trustees during the April meeting. At the March 2019 District Board of Trustees meeting, the Trustees featured Abigail Strickland during the Student Spotlight segment.

Abigail is currently a freshman at Tallahassee Community College and majoring in Social Work. She was born and raised in Wakulla County, where she graduated from Wakulla High School in 2018.

“Throughout high school, I knew I had to apply for several scholarships to be able to attend college without any financial barriers,” said Abigail. “During my junior and senior year, I applied for so many scholarships, even if I knew I may not be able to qualify. When I completed the TCC scholarship application, I filled out every scholarship that they have available.”

Abigail’s hard work paid off, and she received the Peer Leadership Scholarship after being recommended by her school counselor.

“The Peer Leadership Scholarship has helped me tremendously,” said Abigail. “Not only has it helped me with my college funds, [but] it has helped me come out of my comfort zone and stretched me to be an outgoing person that I was not before.”

In order to continue receiving funds from the Peer Leadership Scholarship, Abigail works on campus as a peer leader. She has gained more leadership skills and friendships due to this experience; she helps set up events around campus, partners with other TCC organizations and assists other students if they have questions or need information about TCC.

Abigail plans to transfer to FSU in 2020 and obtain her Master’s in Social Work. She would like to go into the welfare aspect of social work, as she’s always had a passion for helping children and families.

“[The Peer Leadership Scholarship] has helped me come up with the career I want to pursue,” said Abigail. “I believe the Peer Leadership Scholarship will continue to help me and shape the person I am to be able to achieve my career goals. I would like to thank everyone for giving me recommendations I needed to receive this scholarship.”