TCC Aids Nursing Careers

August 19, 2019

nursing student with patient Providing care for people was something Natasha Pippin did at an early age. Pippin’s first job was in high school coordinating activities at a nursing home. “I really learned what it was like to take care of people and not be able to receive anything in return because most of my patients there were not able to respond or interact with me,” Pippin said. “It just felt really good the fact that I was able to take care of them.”

Pippin said making the decision to attend Tallahassee Community College was an easy one because of the nursing program’s stellar reputation. “The College’s passing NCLEX rate is really high so obviously that is a good thing whenever you’re looking to go into nursing,” Pippin said. “Also, it’s a lot less expensive than the other universities.”

Currently, Pippin is a nurse in the Cardiovascular Medical Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Pippin takes care of two patients at a time, which she said she enjoys. “I like the closer relationship that I can build with my patient,” Pippin said. “They’re in sometimes more critical situations and they depend on you a little more —intensive care is very appealing to me.”

Pippin earned her Associate’s Degree in Nursing and she is currently enrolled in the B.S. in Nursing program at TCC. “I really have taken care of people my whole life so I love how I get to do that now,” Pippin said. “I also love the people I work with, we have an amazing team in our unit. It’s a cool job to have.”

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