TCC Jumpstarts HVAC Career

July 8, 2019

HVAC Graduate smiling while fixing A/C unit After graduating from Lincoln High School, Austen Bentz took a traditional route when beginning his college experience at TCC. He enrolled in basic introductory courses such as English and Mathematics, but he found himself wanting more. As a result, he switched his focus to TCC’s HVAC program.

“TCC was the only HVAC School that would allow me to work during the day in the field, come back and learn the science behind it,” said Bentz.

For Bentz, enrolling in the HVAC program was the best decision he ever made – a decision that instantly led to a career. Six months into the program, he landed a job at Parker Services. He attributes this to his hands-on training and the connections he’s made at TCC, especially his former teachers.

“The instructors have been in the field pretty much their whole life,” said Bentz. “We have instructors that own their own company or used to work at big corporations, so you get the best of both worlds.”

Bentz hopes to have his own HVAC company or become a service manager someday.  

He encourages students coming out of high school who are unsure about their future to consider enrolling in the HVAC program. “It’s a very lucrative field,” said Bentz. “You can get in and out within a year and a half and it really puts you ahead of the game.”

Projected employment for HVACR technicians is expected to increase 15 percent by 2026, reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“With all the skills you learn from [HVAC], you can pretty much work on every piece of equipment,” said Bentz. “You can get a job anywhere.”

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