TCC holds “We RISE” Mural dedication for Students persevering through the Pandemic

August 3, 2021

 WE RISE Mural dedicationTallahassee Community College is holding a dedication ceremony for its “We RISE” mural on Tuesday, Aug. 3, 10 a.m. in the Student Union breezeway on the main campus.

The mission of the mural is to help restore a sense of community for students following the many challenges faced during the pandemic.

“This body of work depicts the lived experiences of our students while away during the pandemic,” said Dr. Gerald Jones, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs.

"It is a symbol of healing, wellness, and overcoming obstacles,” said Whitney Heim, TCC’s Professional Counselor. 

The images were formulated by TCC students, who were able to participate in the artwork through the art therapy initiative.

“After all of the ups and downs of the pandemic, it was really nice and refreshing to be part of something good and uplifting,” said Shelly Allen, a TCC student. “We had an opportunity to submit our experiences of things that affected us during the pandemic prior to the design, and the artists did an excellent job of incorporating those experiences into the finish project.”

Created by Street Art Tallahassee and located in the east wing of the Student Union, the mural features images promoting a sense of belonging, inclusion, sustainability and black lives matter. The mural also features hallmarks connected to TCC’s culture rooted in respect, integrity, success and engagement.

“The process from start to finish embodied the essence of student engagement,” Jones said. “Students had the opportunity to participate in the planning through focus groups and surveys.”


The mural is an added piece of comfort for students in the Student Union returning to campus for classes. The fall term begins on August 23.